Fall Out Boy – Immortals 7″

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl

Fall Out Boy recorded a song for the 2014 Disney film Big Hero 6 entitled “Immortals.” The song received a 7″ single pressed as a picture disc. Initially the 7″ was only available through an exclusive package deal directly from Disney that also included the film’s soundtrack on CD. A few months after the pre-order went up the 7″ became available individually from Amazon, and shortly after a few other distros started carrying it. I picked this up from my local record store for free as part of a Christmas promotion for valued customers (I’ve spent at least $3,000 there the past few years). Supposedly this single/soundtrack version is different from the version going on Fall Out Boy’s upcoming new album American Beauty/American Psycho, so for those thinking I won’t have to buy this 7″ solely because it will be on the full length, you be wrong.

I don’t know how many copies were pressed, but it’s easily a couple thousand seeing as it’s Disney related. All copies were pressed as a picture disc and come in a picture disc sleeve with a sticker on the front denoting what the release is. Some places have this 7″ listed as a single sided 7″, but that is not completely accurate. While it has only one song on the record, it appears on both sides, so it’s not a true single sided record. Had there only been audio on one side of the record then it should be called a single sided record.

Retail on this 7″ is $10, and you won’t find this cheaper anywhere (minus purposely cheap to drive up sales online distros where shipping will bump it close to $10) for at least a few months, depending on how fast these move. I know next to nothing about Big Hero 6, but I think one side of the picture disc is the creature/animal/robot/thing from the movie’s face, whatever is not the person, and the other side is simply the title of the film printed on a red background.




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