Finch – Back To Oblivion

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl

After six odd years on hiatus/broken up; at this point it’s impossible to know exactly what bands do because 90% of them end up getting back together when they say they “broke up” or some just use the ambiguous “hiatus” term, Finch got back together to release highly rumored and much-anticipated new album on September 30, 2014. The band did reunion tours and 10th anniversary tours for their debut album What It Is To Burn prior to officially announcing they were working on a new album.

The band worked on the album even though they didn’t have a label, but they eventually signed with Razor & Tie. The pressing is very well done; the sound quality is good, not great but not terrible, and the record comes housed in a gatefold jacket with a printed inner sleeve. The jacket is nice and thick, with all copies of the record being pressed on black vinyl. A download card is included with the record, which leads you to high quality 320kbps MP3’s. Pressing info was never released for this, and don’t expect it to ever be as Razor & Tie is almost impossible to contact and get a response. Odds are there were a couple thousand copies pressed, and this may even be kept in print depending on how well it sells.

Prices on this are on the high side for what you get, even though it’s a nice release, averaging out at around $20. There is no reason a single LP, regardless of other frills, should be priced anywhere close to $20. It’s solely to cash in on the vinyl craze that has led to a surge in vinyl sales. As I mentioned above, I have the suspicion the label will keep this record in print depending on sales, but early indications are that places are having a hard time moving copies, as prices have been slashed at a handful of places without there being a sale. I bought this $15 before using any discount codes, which I did wind up using to bring my cost even lower.



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