V/A – No Sleep Records Fall 2014 Sampler (2014 CMJ Showcase Sampler)

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl
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Unbeknownst to anyone outside of those attending the 2014 CMJ Showcase in New York City (Brooklyn this year) October 21, No Sleep Records released an exclusive Fall Sampler at their showcase. I’m not sure if t was given out to everyone who attended their showcase or if it was only available for purchase. I would assume since it’s a sampler it was given out, but I don’t have confirmation on that so I can’t and won’t say it was definitely given out for free.

What I do know is that No Sleep put up the remaining copies of the 12″ sampler for sale in their web store on Black Friday, and they didn’t last long. I just happened to check twitter on the right time and saw within seconds No Sleep announce they put up special/OOP releases as part of their Black Friday sale. These Fall 2014 samplers did not last long, but longer than expected to be honest because No Sleep has a cult like following. Also because this 12″ sampler was not included in the label’s 2014 vinyl subscription.

One thing that should be noted about this sampler is the pressing info listed on No Sleep website/store is 100% wrong. No Sleep advertises it as being limited to 150 copies, but when I got my copy in the mail it has /250 written on the back of the jacket. One cool thing that wasn’t advertised about the sampler though is that every copy is hand numbered on the back of the jacket. So there are 250 copies of this 12″ sampler pressed on black vinyl. Another important to note thing is that the artwork is not the same as the CD version of the Fall 2014 sampler No Sleep released and gave out for free with tons of mail orders. The track listing is also different between them as well. I bought the sampler for the Chris Farren song to keep my Fake Problems collection complete. Something to note is that this comp is his first solo appearance on vinyl. Here is the track listing:

Side A

01. ‘68 – Three Is A Crowd

02. Chris Farren – Eagle Eyes

03. Xerxes – Chestnut Street

04. The Felix Culpa – Locked Groove 78

05. Aviator – Untitled

06. Run Forever – Lost The Feeling

07. Rescuer – Smile**

08. In Between – Locustvale

09. Foreign Tongues – Luxury

Side B

1. Maps For Travelers – Good Life

2. Seasons Change – Hope This Stains

3. Major League – Pillow Talk

4. Old Lines – Traps

5. Moose Blood – Anyway

6. Puig Destroyer – Mike Trout

7. Grey Gordon – Target

8. Lee Corey Oswald – Progress

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