Gerard Way – Hesitant Alien (1st Press)

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Vinyl
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2014 was quite the year for post My Chemical Romance projects, as Frank Iero and Gerard Way each released albums with their new projects. Gerard Way released his debut solo album, Hesitant Alien, in late September 2014. The vinyl version features exclusive, alternate artwork that differs from that used with the CD and digital versions. Instead of a photo of him, it’s a drawing.

Hesitant Alien was pressed on two colors for the first pressing; black and clear. Clear is a Hot Topic exclusive, and black is widely available everywhere else. I’m not sure of the pressing info for a couple factors, first being the album is on a major label, who rarely release pressing info. Second, Hot Topic seemingly refuses to post pressing info for their exclusive variants now; which is no doubt a sales tactic on their part. A rep from Hot Topic said in response to not releasing pressing info; “I don’t do it because people get angry when it (the album) gets re-pressed.” That reason is complete BS. There are rumors that there are 1,000 copies pressed on clear vinyl, but that has yet to be substantiated, although many people take it for truth.

The record comes in a glossy full color dust sleeve, which has the lyrics printed on both sides. This dust sleeve is in place of an insert since the lyrics and brief liner notes are printed on it. A download card is included, but make sure you use Firefox to access the download because it will not work with Interne Explorer. I did not try Google Chrome for the download because I don’t use that browser, so it may very well work with Chrome. What I can guarantee is that you can’t use IE to download the album, but Firefox will work.


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