New Found Glory – Resurrection (Regular & Tour Covers)

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Vinyl

New Found Glory’s eighth studio album and 12th release overall was released in early October 2014 and is entitled Resurrection. The album marks the band’s first release as a four-piece, as guitarist Steve Klein left the band earlier that year. It’s not the end of the band’s firsts though, as this is their first album on Hopeless Records, who are snatching up old scene stalwarts to rebuild their roster. In my opinion Resurrection is also the band’s worst release to date. It’s almost a complete departure from the band’s signature pop punk sound, transforming into a more straight up hardcore sound that more closely follows the modern day pop punk sound. Seeing as New Found Glory are one of the pioneers of pop punk, it’s awful to see them morph into the garbage pop punk of today. Any way you look at it the sound of Resurrection is louder, lower chords and harder.

Now all that being said, Resurrection is by no means a bad album, it’s simply the band’s worst. Had this not been an album deep into New Found Glory’s career, first as a four-piece or first without one of their founding members (if they had replaced Steve), it would likely be a great album. Basically, had there been no precedence, Resurrection would stand on its own just fine. The album is a grower though, but I can’t ever see myself listening to it in the car, which is the ultimate test in my opinion of an album’s staying power. Which is a shame because coming from the northeast, New Found Glory is a band you play on the first warm day of the year when you can drive with the windows down for the first time in months.

Resurrection was pressed as a single LP and comes in a glossy, photo dust sleeve. The dust sleeve would be full color, except for the fact that the printing is done in black and white, so technically it’s not, even though the sleeve is in the style of full color dust sleeves. The dust sleeve has the lyrics printed on one side and liner notes printed on the opposite side. A download card is included, but it’s for awful 192 kbps MP3’s, which sadly is a trend for Hopeless releases. Hopeless usually offers up low quality MP3 downloads with their records, which really needs to stop.

The complete pressing info had not been released, that is until now. Initially the only variant that had pressing info announced was clear with black splatter, which is limited to 1,800 copies and is exclusive to Hopeless Records’ web store. However, there are several other variants for this album. There is a Hot Topic exclusive pressed on half pink/half lift green with purple splatter, which is limited to 750 copies. There is a Glamour Kills exclusive, which is half black/half white limited to 300 copies. Glamour Kills might sound like an odd place to have an exclusive variant for a record, let alone be selling records to begin with as they’re a clothing company, but the variant was set up because New Found Glory was headlining the Glamour Kills tour. The Glamour Kills variant did not go on sale until well after the Hopeless Records pre-orders launched. The last variant for the first pressing is black, which is limited to 4,000 copies. Black copies are available through everywhere other than the above mentioned exclusive retailers. Other than the Glamour Kills variant, there are no stickers denoting what color the vinyl is on the front of the jacket.

When the band announced their Spring 2015 tour in December 2014, they announced a special, VIP ticket bundle exclusive variant for Resurrection. No word on what color vinyl it will be pressed on or how many copies there will be, only that there will be an exclusive hand numbered slip cover.

*** Update with more detail on the tour cover – July 2015 ***

To coincide with their Spring 2015 tour, the band released a tour exclusive cover for Resurrection. This cover is silk screened, and is a fold over slip cover that is designed to go over top of the original jacket. Each tour cover is hand numbered, and was only available via VIP ticket packages. These VIP packages cost $80 and included a general admission ticket, exclusive sound check performance, meet & greet/photo op with the band, tour poster and coffee mug on top of the tour cover of Resurrection. There was also a $60 option that included all those exclusive items but did not include a general admission ticket.

The tour cover has artwork taken from the “Sleep When I Die” Tour that was used for the tour posters and promo images for the tour. The hand numbering is done in silver ink on the front of the slip cover in the bottom right corner. The back of the slip cover has all the tour dates printed on it along with the band’s logo they’re using for Resurrection. The record itself comes on black vinyl. Pressing info was never released for the tour exclusive cover, but there are 4,000 copies on black vinyl. So we know the tour cover can’t exceed 4,000 copies. The band never announced how many VIP tickets were available per show, so the only number I can go on for how many copies of the tour exclusive cover were made is based on my personal copy of it; 541. Pictures of the tour cover are few and far between.

Prices on the tour exclusive cover range widely. A few sold for over $50, but that was over a year ago and closer to when the tour finished or was still going on. Other copies sold for closer to $30 though. I bought my copy for a little over $25 shipped, over a year after the tour completed. The $50 copies were autographed, so that may attribute to the higher price. Whatever the price, tour copies are hard to find. They rarely pop up for sale on ebay or via other means on the secondary market. So if you see one you should probably snatch it up. I wouldn’t advise anyone to spend $50 on a record, especially a variant, but how high you’re willing to go on this tour exclusive is up to you and how badly you want it.

People might be wondering where this pressing info came from since it’s not posted anyway for the most part. Well, first of, all of the pressing info posted on this blog is obtained from legit sources; i.e. from the label and/or band themselves. So the info is straight from the horse’s mouth. The other obvious source of the pressing info is pre-order/order pages for records when they go up. Even if I didn’t buy the record yet, I either take screen shots of web stores/websites/facebook/twitter/instagram where the pressing info is posted or either make a Word document for it so i can easily recall the numbers when I go to update my blog.

So I have a contact at Hopeless Records, who has been very helpful over the years with sorting out issues with mail order stuff from them and obtaining pressing info. No, I won’t give of their contact info.




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