The Gaslight Anthem – Anywhere I Lay My Head b/w This Is Where We Part 7″ (45 RPM Club Annual Record Volume 2)

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Vinyl

The Gaslight Anthem’s fan club, the 45 RPM Club, is still going “strong.” I use “strong” in the weakest sense since it had a rocky start that turned into a landslide, with the club currently running like an engine down a cylinder. If you remember from my other post for the first fan club record last year, there were many issues with fan club members actually getting what was entitled to them for signing up, mainly the 7″, which is the sole reason most people signed up. Those same problems persisted with this latest annual 7″ for the fan club, but not at as high a percentage. Instead of 95% of members not getting their 7″, only about 75% of the people who signed up for the fan club for its second year didn’t get the 7″. It’s important to mention that previous fan club members from 2013 were not automatically renewed for the second year, 2014. If anyone, even previous fan club members, wanted to remain part of or join the fan club for the first time, they had to pay for a new year’s membership.

The band/infinite merch/punkrockmusic did things differently with this year’s fan club 7″. First off, they did several variants for it, where the first year’s 7″ only had one color pressed. The 7″ also comes in a traditional jacket rather than a thin glossy paper sleeve/jacket like the first year’s 7″ did. For the second year the “45 RPM Club Annual Record Volume X” was dropped from the record’s title. Instead they opted for a track-by-track title, which led to the title of this year’s fan club record being Anywhere I Lay My Head b/w This Is Where We Part.

Another change with how the fan club was run in 2014 as compared to 2013, was that there was a surcharge for a vinyl package, which was an additional $20 on top of the fee to join the club itself. So there was a regular fan club membership, that did not include the 7″, and another, more expensive vinyl membership where you got everything from the base membership plus the exclusive fan club 7″. The basic membership cost $20, cheaper than in 2013 but it also included the 7″ at no additional cost. The vinyl membership cost $40, which is more than the $25 for the 2013 membership that included not only a 7″, but an exclusive t-shirt, stickers and membership ID card. The price increase is arguably the biggest change. There is still one more catch with the fan club for 2014 that nobody saw coming, the fact that there would be additional variants made of the 7″ that would be made available to every member, even those not part of the vinyl membership and did not pay the additional $20. In early April 2014 the fan club put up three new colors for the fan club 7″, charging $8 (before shipping) for them. The fan club exclusive color given out to vinyl membership holders was also put up for sale for $8 along with the other three colors. This is a gigantic slap in the face to everyone who shelled out an additional $20 to get a somewhat exclusive record. The band/infinite merch/punkrockmusic essentially stole $12 from countless people. To add even further insult to injury, in late October 2014 the price was cut in half to $4 per 7″.

The pressing info for Anywhere I Lay My Head b/w This Is Where We Part is as follows; 400 copies on electric green, 400 copies on blue, 400 copies on clear and an unknown amount of copies on coke bottle green. Odds are the coke bottle green has more than 400 copies, as that color was given out to fan club members who subscribed to the vinyl package. As everyone probably already figured out, the 7″ has two songs on it, one on each side. “Anywhere I Lay My Head,” a Tom Waits cover, is on the A-side, with “This Is Where We Part,” a Twopointeight cover, on the B-side. “This Is Where We Part” is exclusive to this 7″ and previously unreleased. The song is also part of the Get Hurt sessions along with “Anywhere I Lay My Head,” which was released as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Edition Get Hurt.

Because there have been so many issues with people actually get the records in, whether it be the initial batch intended for vinyl membership holders or people who placed an order for any of them afterwards, I waited to buy a copy of this 7″ on the secondary market to have a better chance of actually receiving it. Rather than have a fan club member buy one for me, which countless people did, I wanted to make sure the person I was buying the record from actually had it in hand. I didn’t have to pay flipper prices either, or even a huge markup on the “retail” price. I paid $10 shipped for my copy.

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