The Honorary Title – Anything Else But The Truth (1st Press)

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Vinyl

Enjoy The Ride Records released The Honorary Title’s debut album, Anything Else But The Truth, on vinyl and labeled as a 10th Anniversary release. Strangely though, the label made only one brief mention of the 10th Anniversary pressing through their social media outlets, and made no mention of it after it went up for sale. They did not milk that aspect of the release at all, for whatever reason.

There are four variants for this record, which was pressed as a double LP housed in a gatefold jacket. Three of the four were exclusive to Enjoy The Ride, while the fourth was a Hot Topic exclusive. All of the variants has the C/D-side on green vinyl, which is supposed to match the snake featured in the album artwork but is not even close. So the variants are based off the color of the A/B-side record, and are as follows. There are 100 copies on white with black spots. The black spots are three black circles, not dots, even spaced around the record. There are 150 copies on black and white swirl with oxblood splatter and there are 150 copies on half white/half black with oxblood splatter. Those three are the Enjoy The Ride exclusive variants, which sold out in a few days, and only did so because of the extreme rarity of them. Lastly, there is the Hot Topic exclusive variants, which is half white/half black limited to 600 copies.

The gatefold jacket has the lyrics printed inside, and no insert is included as a result. The vinyl version also has all five of the bonus tracks that were included with the double-CD re-release of Anything Else But The Truth from 2006 (album’s original release was in 2004). The bonus tracks are found at the end of the original release version of the album, starting witht the third track on the C-side running through to the end of the album. The bonus tracks, in order as they appear, are as follows: “Soft, Pale And Pure,” “Reason To Celebrate,” “Never Said,” “Smoking Pose (alternate version)” and “Bridge And Tunnel (alternate version).”

An interesting thing was discovered about Enjoy The Ride’s partnership with Hot Topic, which many people overlooked and I think Ross from ETR let slip without realizing. I’m sure after reading this blog entry he will delete the post mentioning it from the message board though. But I took a screen shot of it to save for posterity. Apparently Hot Topic had ETR sign a contract forcing ETR to price match Hot Topic on every ETR release that has a Hot Topic exclusive variant. So that explains the ridiculous price tags associated with most of ETR releases of late ($24.50 for this Honorary Title record and $25 for the single LP Cartel release). It’s not an excuse for the prices by any means, and the cash grab aspect is purely on Hot Topic in this case, but if Ross from ETR had any integrity (which is laughable at this point given the long track record of questionable things he has done since day one) he wouldn’t go into business with Hot Topic after seeing they would force him to artificially inflate the prices of his releases. The way I look at it; it’s yet another reason not to buy anything Hot Topic.

Before people get on their high horses and call me a hypocrite; I try my damndest to not buy records from Hot Topic, but my wallet is the judge and jury in the end. If I can buy a record for drastically cheaper than anywhere else, as was the case with this particular record (by taking advantage of dimwitted new employees during Hot Cash), I will bite the bullet and buy it. For the most part if there are several variants for a record that include a Hot Topic exclusive, I won’t buy it from Hot Topic even if it is a better looking record, matches the artwork better or is more rare. And before people get on their high horses about that last statement; yes the music sounds the same no matter the color of vinyl the record is pressed on, but why should I not be allowed to choose what color I purchase using logic and rationale I deem worthy if there are several choices at my disposal.

In mid 2016 Anything Else But The Truth is getting re-pressed, this time by Doghouse Records themselves. Price is about the same as the first press, and since it hasn’t been released yet no word on if the bonus tracks are on the second pressing.

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