Frnkiero And The Cellabration – Stomachaches (1st Press)

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Vinyl
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2014 was quite the year for post My Chemical Romance projects, as Frank Iero and Gerard Way each released albums with their new projects. Frank Iero had his debut solo release, a 7″ entitled For Jamia re-pressed and a full length album with his new band Frnkiero And The Cellabration entitled .Stomachaches. in late September 2014. To be honest I never bought the 7″ because I didn’t like the music, but after listening to Frnkiero And The Cellabration, I enjoyed the album and decided to buy that. Whether or not I ever buy the 7″ to keep/start a collection is relying entirely on if I can buy one very cheap. There was a 2014 Record Store Day re-press of the 7″, but it cost $10, if not more depending on the store. It was very limited compared to other RSD releases, pressed at 400 copies for the RSD pressing, combined with it was a regional release that did not see nationwide distribution; next to no copies were left after RSD to be sold online or sit on store shelves for ages. Yes, I’m aware I may spell the band’s name and album title wrong, but it’s for easy search engine results.

.Stomachaches. is similar sounding to My Chemical Romance, especially Danger Days: True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. The first pressing was done on four different colors; yellow limited to 500 copies, blue limited to 500 copies, pink limited to 1,000 copies and an unknown amount on grey vinyl. Yellow is an indie store exclusive, blue was a Hot Topic exclusive, pink was a band exclusive only sold online through their own and the label’s webstore. Grey is a Euro exclusive sold only through Hassle Records (UK indie store). The yellow variant is translucent yellow. I’m not sure if the pink or blue are translucent or opaque; the pics I’ve seen of them make them appear as both translucent and opaque, and it can’t be both. Some even show the pink having some marbling in them, something never advertised. Either way the pics that the label (Staple Records/Workhouse Music) released at various points for all the U.S variants look nothing like how they turned out. All the variants have a hype sticker on the bottom fright of the cover saying “limited edition colored vinyl” but make no mention of the color.

One thing of note with the first pressing, is that one pressing info database site has a UK tour exclusive variant listed as clear w/ glitter limited to 100 copies. This is the only place I have seen it mentioned, and it’s a user submitted database where no source or proof is required to get put on the website. I haven’t seen pics of it or heard of it anywhere else. To make the info even less credible, the site has no mention of the yellow variant anywhere, yet I own a copy of, it was promoted by the label and there are pics of it floating around other than this blog Also, the band has not yet toured the UK at all yet. Since the first pressing sold so well, a second pressing in the works that is currently (as of writing/posting this) up for pre-order in the band’s webstore. The second pressing is on clear with red splatter, which is limited to an unknown amount as the info has not been released, and likely never will.

The label seems to release pressing info sparingly, as I had to email them to find out the complete info regarding the yellow and blue variants. I had no idea there was even a yellow indie store exclusive variant before I emailed them. And Hot Topic pretty much refuses to release pressing info for any of their exclusive now as a sales tactic. The label did however, advertise the pink being limited to 1,000 copies while the variant was being sold.

As of writing/posting this the only variants from the first pressing not sold out/OOP are the indie store exclusive yellow and Euro exclusive grey. The label was briefly selling copies of the yellow online, but they have since sold out. Some stores may still be carrying the yellow; so if you find it locally or buy it online from an indie record store you will likely get the yellow variant. Once the second pressing comes out though, it may be impossible to know what color you will get unless they put a sticker on the cover denoting the color/pressing.


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