FrnkIero And The Cellabration – Live At BBC Maida Vale (Record Store Day 2015)

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Vinyl
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There are usually zero UK Record Store Day (RSD) releases that I want during any given year, which is a good thing because importing them can get rather expensive. The international shipping costs combined with an exchange rate favoring the British Pound can turn 12″ EP’s into $25 ventures.

This year was the first time I wanted a UK RSD exclusive, the FrnkIero And The Cellabration 12″ titled Live At BBC Maida Vale. As he title suggest it’s a live EP recorded at Maida Vale for Daniel P. Carter’s Radio Show on BBC Radio 1, which was originally broadcast on November 30, 2014. The 12″ was released by Hassle Records. There are four songs in all, two on each side. I was fortunate to sneak in an order with Banquet Records before they sold out, and it wasn’t easy. I sat through error pages and forever loading times for nearly 45 minutes to get one of the last copies they had.

There were 500 copies pressed on mint pearl vinyl. It’s one of the oddest and unique variant colors I’ve heard in a long time, but that description fits the final product perfectly. The color of the vinyl is mint, and it has a pearl effect. A download code is included, and in another unique turn the code is placed on a sticker that is affixed to the full color printed dust sleeve. The record sounds good, not great.

Along with the mint pearl copies, there are also an unknown amount of copies pressed on black vinyl. I have heard that there were 1,000 total copies pressed, which would mean there are 500 copies on black vinyl. But I have not heard any official numbers for the black variant. The official UK RSD list says the colored copies are limited to 500, so I am going with that for the colored variant. However, the label’s website says there were “1,000 copies pressed for the entire world.” The official UK RSD list also said color to be determined, so until people started opening copies of this 12″ the color was unknown. So logic and simple math says there are 500 copies on mint pearl and 500 copies on black based on what has been officially announced.

Track listing:

A1 – Tragician

A2 – Smoke Rings

B1 – Joyriding

B2 – She’s The Prettiest Girl At The Party, And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook

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