311 – Hydroponic 10″

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Vinyl

One of 311’s earliest releases, Hydroponic, was pressed on vinyl for the first time in 2015. At first, it was a very exclusive Record Store Day (RSD) exclusive. I say very exclusive because there were only 50 copies released in the entire world, and those 50 copies were only available from a record store in Omaha, Nebraska called Homer’s Music. Inevitably a good chunk of those 50 copies found their way onto Ebay, and were selling for triple digits. A release like this proves how stupid people can be, as it was well publicized that Hydroponic would see a wide release after RSD. But despite that people were not only bidding on copies, but bidding them up to triple digits.

311 put up the entire pressing of Hydroponic, which was pressed as a 10″, for sale in their web store for $22. The price is not horrible but it’s not a good price either. I understand 10″ records cost more to press, so they are generally more expensive than other size records, but over $20 for an EP is pushing it. The only reason I bought it was seeing how fast some other 311 releases sell out combined with the fact that they rarely lower the prices on their merch. The price is definitely not worth it, as this is as no frills a release as you can get. It comes in a thin single pocket jacket with no insert or download code.

Pressing info has not yet been released, and it likely never will. But all copies were pressed on black vinyl. The only pressing info we have is that there are more than 50 copies, which was a given anyway.311 - Hydroponic - Copy


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