Dustin Kensrue – The Water & The Blood

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Vinyl
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Once this album came out Dustin Kensrue had released a traditional solo album, a Christmas album and a Christian worship album. An odd trifecta for a casual observer, but Dustin never hid the religious aspect of his life from the public. The Water & The Blood is Kensrue’s third solo studio album, released in 2013 on Mars Hill Music/BEC Recordings. BEC Recordings is a sub label of Tooth & Nail Records.

There were 1,000 copies pressed on clear vinyl. The vinyl version has alternate artwork than the CD version. The vinyl version artwork is blue, while the CD and MP3 cover art is white. The vinyl version also includes the iTunes bonus track, “Psalm 145,” which is the last track on the record, track number B6. The record comes with an insert, which has the lyrics printed on one side. A download code is not included, but if you ordered it directly from the label they emailed you a download link via email. Amazon was the only retailer to get copies of The Water & The Blood, but I’m not sure the album was released in time to coincide with Amazon’s autorip feature, which grants the buyer a free MP3 copy of the entire album they purchased.

The Water & The Blood took a while to sell out. It was likely due to the fact that album is worship music. It created a weird dilemma for some people, While drawing in more fans from the Christian/Worship music arena would not normally buy a Dustin Kensrue or Thrice album, it also alienated some Dustin Kensrue and Thrice fans at the same time. I know many people didn’t buy it because they didn’t like the music, I was one of them. But also a good number of people bought it keep their Dustin Kensrue and/or Thrice collections complete; I eventually became one of those people.

Eventually the record sold out, and once it did they were fetching hefty prices on the secondary market, up to $100, but averaging out at around $55. In late April 2015 the label put up about 100 copies for sale. This was likely not leftover copies, but overrun copies, as 10% of 1,000 is 100. They sold them for the original retail price. It was nice to see the label not resort to flipping them, either on ebay or themselves directly. These remaining copies of the album sold out in a few hours, which is when I decided to pull the trigger on buying the album to complete my Dustin Kensrue/Thrice collection.


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