Nirvana – Live In Buenos Aires 1992

Posted: June 23, 2015 in Vinyl

Nirvana has quite a few bootlegs out there. This live album, entitled Live In Buenos Aires 1992 falls on the border of a bootleg and official release, figuratively. It lacks the cheap, poor quality DIY aspects that many bootlegs have, and has nice quality packaging and attention to detail in all things aesthetic. However, it’s not released on a legit label or label that Nirvana has worked with in the past, so for logistical and categorizing purposes Live In Buenos Aires 1992 is a bootleg.

The sound quality on this is pretty good, especially for a live recording. One thing to remember with live albums is that they can be hit or miss. Unless it’s a direct soundboard recording the sound quality will never be pristine.

Live In Buenos Aires 1992 comes housed in a gatefold jacket is pressed as a double LP on heavy weight black vinyl. The record is not advertised as being pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and 99.9% of the time I will never weight my records, unlike a handful of anal collectors out there, so I won’t say this album is on 180 gram vinyl. As mentioned above, this is a bootleg, released by bootleg label Vinyl Passion based out of The Netherlands. All of their releases come in similar style packaging, right down to the font. The performance is from the Estadio (Stadium) Velez Sarsfield in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 30, 1992.

One thing of note is that this album is not the entire show. The end of the show is cut off, inexplicably. There is no reason given as to why the entire show is not on the record, as there is plenty of room to fit the 84 odd minutes performance on a double LP. If you are well versed in Nirvana fan sites (there are dozens of them from around the world), they have up to date information on practically everything the band has ever done; from demos, outtakes, rehearsal versions, concert dates and cities, video recordings of performances and rehearsals. The video of this concert has been circulating online for years, and is easily found if you know where to look. Which is how I know there are songs missing and the back end of the show is cut from this record.

Here is the track listing:

A1 Nobody Knows I’m New Wave
A2 Aneurysm
A3 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Intro)
A4 Breed
A5 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Intro)
A6 Drain You
B1 Beeswax
B2 Spank Thru
B3 School
B4 Come As You Are
B5 Lithium
C1 Lounge Act
C2 Sliver
C3 About A Girl
C4 Polly
C5 Intermezzo
D1 In Bloom
D2 Territorial Pissings
D3 Been A Son
D4 On A Plain

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