Nirvana – Damage, Mon Amour

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Vinyl

Damage, Mon Amour is an Italian Nirvana bootleg. It was pressed on two colors that I am aware of; black and blue. However, bootlegs are notorious for being re-pressed o new colors quite frequently. All copies come with a sticker that is placed directly on the jacket, on the cover. It’s not placed on the shrink wrap, which is due to a number of factors; many of these did not come sealed, the ones that came sealed from the label were done so after the fact and not done at the pressing plant and some record stores/distros shrink wrap unsealed LP’s to keep them in good condition and/or to keep people from stealing the records. This is on the pricier side for a boot, retailing for $25 from most places.

This boot is a very recent one, released in late 2014 by Farmboy Discaria, who are based out of Rome, and this is the “label’s” eighth release, at least that is what you can surmise based on the catalog number (08). The sticker on the cover reads “A Collection Of Live And Radio Recordings from 1989 Through 1994.” However, there is no reference as to where and when any of the songs found on this boot were recording. There are plenty of typos found in the track lisintg on the back of the jacket, and I’m leaning towards ignorant misspellings rather than purposely done misspellings. Often times boolegs purposely misspell song titles to avoid legal ramifications and to help keep hide the presence of the boot’s existence. Although I don’t think that is the case with this bootleg as the titles aren’t changed around to be something clever, which is usually the case; letters are inexplicably left off the end of words.

Here is the tracklisting:

Side A

1. Dumb

2. Dementia 7

3. Raunchola

4. White Lace And Strange

5. Anorexorcist

6. Heartbreaker


Side B

1. Floyd The Barber

2. Mrs. Butterworth

3. Downer

4. Hel Me I’m Hungry

5. Enless Nameless.

Nirvana - Damage Mon Amour - Copy



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