Nirvana – Live At The Cactus Club

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Vinyl

This is a rare Nirvana bootleg in that it’s an entire live show. Most Nirvana boots are a mish mash of material that are taken from multiple shows and random songs like demos are often thrown in. This bootleg’s source is taken from the band’s show at the Cactus Club in San Jose, Ca on November 2,1990. The credits say “produced by special arrangement with Sub Pop Records” but I highly doubt that aspect seeing as the “label” releasing this is The Goliath Gaffen Company.

Live At The Cactus Club is one of the best sounding bootlegs I have, and will likely ever own. It’s a sound board recording from the time frame when Nirvana was just hitting their stride. Even though the performance is from 1990, the band plays a few songs that would later appear on Nevermind. The set list is great, and the performance is great. Krist talks a lot in between songs, and carries out brief, one-sided conversations with the crowd. There is barely any crowd noise, which is awesome.

Since this is a bootleg pressing info was never released. And even if it was you can’t trust the numbers because bootlegs are far from legit in and of themselves. All copies were pressed on black vinyl though, at least for this pressing. The boot is out of Germany and was first released in 2010. Here is the track listing:

Side A

  1. School
  2. Floyd The Barber
  3. About A Girl
  4. Immodium (Breed) – Immodium was a working title for Breed
  5. Spank Thru
  6. Molly’s Lips
  7. Polly – no backing vocals and has different drum work

Side B

  1. Dive
  2. Stain
  3. Been A Son
  4. Negative Creep
  5. Love Buzz
  6. Blew

Nirvana - Live At The Cactus Club - Copy

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