Nirvana – Saturday Night Not So Live

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Vinyl
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This Nirvana bootleg, Saturday Night Not So Live, consists of songs taken from their several appearances on Saturday Night Live in the early-mid 90’s. There are some other songs thrown on the boot as well, including audio taken from Nirvana’s MTV Video Music Awards in 1991.

I have seen this boot pressed on six different colors; black, yellow, red, blue, green and white. As is typical with nearly every bootleg, pressing info is not available. And even if it was you can’t trust it. The track listing for this bootleg is as follows:

A1 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Saturday Night Live – January 11, 1992)
A2 Territorial Pissing
A3 Heart Shaped Box (Saturday Night – September 25, 1995)
A4 Rape Me
A5 Lithium (MTV Music Award 1991)
B1 Penny Royal Tea (Withdrawn Remix)
B2 In His Hands
B3 My Sharona
B4 White Lace And Strange
B5 Suicide Samurai (Anorexorcist)
B6 Blandest
B7 I Hate Myself & Want To Die
B8 Verse Chorus Verse
B9 Spank This

Nirvana - Saturday Night Not So Live - Copy

  1. Mike Finlay says:

    I found an orange see-through marbled pressing. Wondering about value?


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