Nirvana – The John Peel Sessions 7″

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Vinyl

There are two different versions of this Nirvana bootleg, which goes by the name of The John Peel Sessions because there is no official title printed anywhere. The songs on this record are all taken from various John Peel Radio Sessions recorded in London. Here are details of the two versions, starting with the one I have, which is pictured below.

This version is a single 7”, housed in a half fold sleeve with a glossy finish. My copy is on white vinyl, but I know it was also pressed on black vinyl as well. There may be other colors floating around out there, but I only know of white and black. Thew cover art is a topless cartoon woman with large breasts, with ‘Nirvana” spelled out in capital letters. The cover is black with white lettering/drawing. The back of the sleeve says this version is “limited to 500 copies,” but I’m not exactly sure what that means. There are three possibilities for what the “limited to 500 copies.” First, it could simply be a lie. Second, it could be that there are 500 copies total pressed for this version, and lastly it could be 500 copies pressed per color (however many of them there actually are). There are only four songs on this version, with the track listing as follows:

A1 – Love Buzz

A2 – About A Girl

B1 – Polly

B2 – Spank Thru

The other version was pressed as a double 7”, which comes on two colors; black and marbled green. The shade of marbled green is mint green. The cover is a half fold sleeve made of heavy brown paper and has a sticker in the upper right corner on both the front and back. There are seven songs on this version, with the names of some songs purposely mislabeled, a common practice with bootleg. The track listing is as follows:

A1 – “Dementia 7” = D7

B1 – “Turn Around” = Turnaround

B2 – Molly’s Lips

C1 – Love Buzz

C2 – About A Girl

D1 – Polly

D2 – “Heartbreak” = Spank Thru

To further add to the confusion, the track listing on the sleeve and the center labels are mislabeled as well, they are different from each other. The songs on this version (2×7”) are taken from two separate radio sessions, with “Love Buzz,” “About A Girl,” “Polly” and “Heartbreak” are taken from October 26, 1989 session. The songs “Turn Around,” Molly’s Lips” and “Dementia 7” are from the October 21, 1990 session.

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