Nirvana – Outcesticide II The Needle & The Damage Done

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Vinyl

It’s not often there are release series for bootlegs, but there are always exceptions. This is part two (II) in a five (V) part Nirvana series released by Spanish “label” Discos Toro Salvaje. The series follows no chronological order and has no continuity to them either. All the parts are a mish mash of material, featuring live versions, studio takes and demos from various time frames throughout Nirvana’s history. Part one is entitled Outcesticide II The Needle & The Damage Done. There are also CD counterparts, also bootlegs, to the vinyl versions, which have longer track listings/more songs than its vinyl counterpart.

As with all bootlegs, pressing info is hard to come by. Even if you can find pressing info you have to take it with a grain of salt considering everything about bootlegs is less than reputable. However, there have been multiple pressings of this boot series. It was first pressed back in 2012. The 2012 pressing was on red vinyl and blue vinyl. So there is either a variant of the 2012 pressing (if there is only one pressing from 2012) or two separate pressings from 2012. There may also be an additional variant of either color, as there is a small portion of the 2012 pressing that is hand numbered out of 200 copies. This hand numbering is found on a white sticker placed directly on the back of the jacket. I’m not sure if the hand numbered copies are on red vinyl or blue vinyl or were pressed on a different color all together. The writing on the stickers is done in different color ink. The only ink colors I’m aware of are red and blue. I’m not sure if the ink colors translates into vinyl color; as in blue ink is only used for blue vinyl, red ink only for red vinyl. An interesting note is that I have some other bootlegs with an identical sticker with hand numbering.

What is featured here is the 2014 pressing, done on 180 gram clear vinyl. That is the extent of my knowledge of this pressing in terms of pressing info. I know it shares the same catalog number as the 2012 pressing (OUT2), and has the same track listing, album art, etc.

Here is the track listing:

Side 1
1. Imodium
2. Pay To Play
3. Sappy
4. Here She Comes Now
5. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
6. Return Of The Rat

Side 2
1. In Bloom
2. Imodium (Breed)
3. Help Me
4. Oh, The Guilt
5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (features Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers on trumpet. He plays the guitar part on trumpet throughout the song. Towards the end Kurt cuts out his guitar so it’s only Flea playing on trumpet)
6. Pennyroyal Tea

Here are the sources for this bootleg. Side 1: Tracks 1-3 are from a recording session for Nirvana’s second album, but were scrapped by their label, Geffen Records. They were recorded at Smart Studios in April 1990. Tracks 4-5 are from a VPRO Radio session, no date or location given. Track 6 is from a recording session called the “Laundry Room Session” according to the back of the jacket, which was done in April 1992.

Side 2: Track 1 is from Smart Studios in April 1990l but the track obviously made it onto the band’s second album. Track 2 was a working title for what eventually became known as “Breed.” It was recorded live in Germany at the KU-BA on 11/18/89. This version of what eventually became “Breed” has different lyrics than the version that appears on Nevermind. Track 3 is a sound board recording from a live show in Vienna, Austria at the V4 Club on 11/22/89. Track 4 is from a live show from 11/16/91. No location is given, but according to the back of the jacket this is a “rare live version.” Track 5 is from a festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil called Hollywood Rock Festival that was recorded on 1/23/93. As mentioned above is features Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers on trumpet. Yes, trumpet. Track 6 is from a live performance in Chicago at The Metro (listed as the “Cabaret Metro” on the back of the jacket) on 10/12/91. This is an early performance that features different lyrics from the version that appears on Nevermind.

Overall this is the second worst sounding part in this five part series. The sound quality varies greatly by song, and it all depends on the source. Unlike the first part in this series, part II features many songs that should be familiar to every Nirvana fan, even to most music fans and/or rock fans.

Nirvana - Outcesticide II The Needle & The Damage Done - Copy


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