Nirvana – Outcesticide IV Rape Of The Vaults

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Vinyl

It’s not often there are release series for bootlegs, but there are always exceptions. This is part five (V) in a five (V) part Nirvana series released by Spanish “label” Discos Toro Salvaje. The series follows no chronological order and has no continuity to them either. All the parts are a mish mash of material, featuring live versions, studio takes and demos from various time frames throughout Nirvana’s history. Part three is entitled Outcesticide IV Rape Of The Vaults. There are also CD counterparts, also bootlegs, to the vinyl versions, which have longer track listings/more songs than its vinyl counterpart.

As with all bootlegs, pressing info is hard to come by. Even if you can find pressing info you have to take it with a grain of salt considering everything about bootlegs is less than reputable. However, there have been multiple pressings of this boot series. It was first pressed back in 2012. What is featured here is the most recent pressing from 2014, done on 180 gram clear vinyl. That is the extent of my knowledge of this pressing in terms of pressing info. I know it shares the same catalog number as the 2012 pressing (OUT4), and has the same track listing, album art, etc.

Here is the track listing:

Side 1

  1. Pennyroyal Tea
  2. Spank Thru
  3. Territorial Pissings
  4. Smells Like Teen Spirit (“Gothic version”)
  5. Rape Me
  6. Pay To Play
  7. Here She Comes Now

Side 2

  1. Scoff
  2. Love Buzz
  3. Floyd The Barber
  4. Drain You
  5. About A Girl
  6. Lithium
  7. Blew

Here are the sources for this bootleg. Side 1: Track 1 is the Scott Litt Mix taken from the Pennyroyal Tea CD single. Track 2 is taken from the Sub Pop 200 compilation. Track 3 is from the Jonathan Ross show from 12/6/91 and is billed is the “best version ever!” Track 4, “Smell Like Teen Spirit” is known as the “gothic version”  “‘cos” of Kurt Cobain’s “deliberately slow vocals on ‘rubbish’ UK TV show.” Personally, I question if this is even a legit Nirvana performance, as it sounds nothing like Kurt Cobain, “deliberately slow” or not. Track 5 is from a live show in Rome on 11/19/91. Tracks 6-7 are from a live show in Lincoln, Nebraska on 5/13/90.

Side 2 sources are: Tracks 1-3 are from a live show in Long Beach, CA on 2/16/90. Track 4 is from a 4-track demo of unknown origin and date, but apparently has alternate lyrics according to the back of the jacket. Track 5 is from the “boombox demos” from 1988. Track 6 might be from a local broadcast tv show out of Evergreen, Washington on 3/20/90. Track 7 is an alternate version of “Blew” from the “C tuning session” at Reciprocal Studios in Seattle on 12/24/88.

Part 4 of this series is the worst of the series. It is the one to steer clear of if, for whatever reason, you are only buying select parts of this series. As I said above, I have serious concerns about the legitimacy of the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” track. Even if it is a legit Nirvana recording it sounds horrible. To me it seems like someone purposely manipulated the track, slowing it down to make it sound slower than it was actually performed. Even the audience claps and cheers slower at the beginning and end of the song. The sourcing of the other songs on this part also leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality.

Nirvana - Outcesticide IV Rape Of The Vaults - Copy

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