Nirvana – Unplugged Alternative

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Vinyl

Another of the many Nirvana bootlegs out there. This one, even though has a spin on the cover of the official MTV Unplugged album, is not entirely comprised of acoustic songs and has no songs from the MTV Unplugged performance. This is one of the most improperly titled bootlegs ever, and that is saying something. For whatever it’s worth, this boot was released by The Tupelo Recording Company in 2012.

This boot, Unplugged Alternative, was pressed on many different colors. Colors I am aware of are yellow, black, white, blue, clear, green, purple and red. I am not exactly sure what color I have as it could be one of three known colors; either yellow, white or clear. The copy I won is translucent, even though it doesn’t appear as such in the photos below. It’s sort of a milky clear color. Even though my copy matches the picture of white variant posted on Discogs, I don’t trust Discogs 100%. I know the information posted on Discogs is user submitted, and I know for a fact people submit wrong information all the time.

This boot is a crapshoot in terms of sound quality. Side A sounds amazing throughout, but Side B sounds worse. The first couple track on Side B are decent, but from track 3 on it’s almost unlistenable. Side A has some amazing performances and unbelievable demos on it. Live performances, early demos, studio takes and Kurt Cobain solo performances are all featured on this bootleg. Here is the track listing with notes about some songs:

Side A
1. Dumb (early studio demo from 91) – no strings. Kurt speaks rather than signs.
2. All Apologies (early studio demo from 91) – has tambourine. faster than final verson. Kurt barely audible.
3. Marigold
4. Been A Son (acoustic rehearsal from 91)
5. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (acoustic rehearsal from 91)
6. Something In The Way (instore acoustic performance from 91) – great performance & great sound quailty.

Side B
1. About A Girl (first demo from 88) – no drums, just Kurt on guitar & vocals. Amazing quality for it’s age.
2. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Kurt Cobain solo from 92) live performance with some crowd noise but it’s not overbearing. Krist talks some.
3. Polly (acoustic version from 1989) – no backing vocals. differnt instrumentation than studio version.
4. Black And White Blues (Kurt Cobain Tribute To Leadbelly from 1989)
5. Negative Creep (instore acoustic performance from1991)
6. Clean Up Before She Comes (early demo from 1987)
7. Bambi Slaughter (early demo from 1987)
8. Sappy (acoustic version from 1989)


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