Led Zeppelin – Paris Theatre 1971

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Vinyl

One of the more confusing Led Zeppelin bootlegs has multiple different variations/versions spanning format, title, track listing, vinyl color and cover. The version I have is entitled Paris Theatre 1971, is a single LP with a red cover and is pressed on red vinyl. It has no label acknowledgments. Here is the track listing for the version I am writing about:

Side A:

  1. Immigrant Song
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Since I’ve Been Loving You
  4. Black Dog

Side B:

  1. Stairway To Heaven
  2. Going To California
  3. That’s The Way
  4. Thank You

Now as stated earlier there are other versions of this bootleg that have different track listing, and some even have more songs on it. There are two double LP versions, which obviously have the most songs on it. One double LP is entitled Live In London 1971 and is pressed on yellow vinyl with a yellow cover. It was released by Matt Records out of the USA. The second double LP version is entitled Thank You (It’s Complete) and has a picture of Jimmy Page playing his single neck Gibson Les Paul on the cover, no info on color of vinyl though. This second double LP version is a Euro release done by Discurious. The track listing between these two double LP versions are different from each other, and the same songs are not included on both.

There are also an additional two single LP versions on top of the one I being written about here. The track listing for all three single LP versions are different between each respective version. Some of the songs included also differ; each version does not contain the same songs. The first one has no official title, but has a white photo copied cover and was released by Songs For Swinging Mothers out of the USA. The second one comes with a bonus 7” included, and is entitled Early Jitters. It has a white cover with a picture of a blurry face and red lettering along the sides of the picture. For the track listing on Early Jitters, the songs on the bonus 7” are from the same audio source.

The sound quality on the version of this boot I have is utterly amazing. It’s one of the best sounding bootlegs I have ever heard, at least from this era. It’s an amazing performance as well. There are intros found here and there however, where Robert Plant will say things like “thank you” and something along the lines of “this is song x.”

Led Zeppelin - Paris Theatre 1971 - Copy


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