Led Zeppelin – Presence (1st U.S. Press)

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Vinyl

It took me years to track down a decent copy of Led Zeppelin’s seventh studio album Presence. Between the terrible condition and the price of better condition copies, I was facing hard luck getting a hold of this album. For those who are regular readers, you know I stick to a tight budget when buying records on the second hand market. For me part of the chase is getting a good deal on a record. I pride myself in getting things under market value, most of the time well under. Almost everything ever pressed is available in the current world with resources like ebay, discogs, message boards etc, so there is no longer the thrill of the hunt. Where is the fun in shelling out boat loads of money just to complete a collection?

Anyway, I came across one of the nicest used copies of Presence I’ve ever seen on ebay, with a low starting bid. As icing on the cake, the copy was still in its original shrink, which has a hype sticker on it. Stickers on the shrink/cover is something I’m a stickler for, however it’s not a deal breaker in my book. But I would be willing to spend more on copies with than without. In the end I got it for under $10 shipped, and bought this well before it was announced that Led Zeppelin’s entire catalog would be re-mastered and re-pressed starting in 2014 through 2015. So to reiterate this is the first U.S. pressing of Presence and not one of the current re-pressings.

There are multiple pressings of Presence, which span multiple countries. For the U.S. pressing there are even multiple pressings, but only two main ones. There is also a record club pressing that I am not counting towards the two main pressings. The only visible difference between the two main pressings is found on the cover, as the first pressing has an embossed album title on the right hand side, and the second pressing has no embossing. Some copies of the first pressing come with a sticker on the shrink wrap, while some copies don’t. There are also promo copies that have the sticker affixed directly to the jacket, and not the shrink wrap, if the promo copies happened to come shrink wrapped.

At this point I’ve had this record for close to one year and posting this entry fell on the back burner. Initially I just forgot about this record but once I started accumulating a bunch of Zeppelin boots and other older singles from other bands, I decided to wait to post it and dedicate one week per band. So I saved the Presence blog post till now. I also prioritized posting new releases over older records, and saved some stuff for the leaner times because there were months at a time where the blog wouldn’t get updated because I didn’t buy any new releases. To avoid the blog appearing dead I held back some entries to post during the periods where I hadn’t bought any records at all, new releases or not.


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