Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Refugee 7″ (U.S. Pressing)

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Vinyl

There are many different versions/pressings of the single for Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers’ “Refugee.” There is a U.S., UK, Canadian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, New Zealand, Brazilian and Mexican pressing, with multiple different pressings for those countries as well. To make things easier/harder to tell apart, they all, for the most part, have the same track listing, with “It’s Rainin’ Again” on the b-side. Only the Spanish and one of the UK pressings have a different song on the b-side, which is “Don’t Do Me Like That” for the Spanish pressing and “Insider” for the UK pressing They are released on two different labels as well, Backstreet Records and MCA Records. It’s about an even split for what label handles what geographic areas, with many of the singles being released in different years depending on when the label decided to release and/or promote Damn The Torpedoes in each particular country . All pressings except for one are pressed on black vinyl. The only pressing not done a black vinyl is one of the three UK pressings, which is pressed as a picture disc. The only way to tell them apart visually, which is always the easiest way, is to look at the covers.

The U.S. pressing, which is featured here, and the Canadian pressing, have the same artwork, which is a white background with a black and white picture of Tom Petty lighting a cigarette against a brick wall. The New Zealand and Mexico pressings comes in a plain sleeve. The Japanese pressing is the only one with Japanese writing on the cover, so it’s probably the easiest to tell apart. The Spanish pressing has a headshot of Tom Petty wearing sunglasses. The Brazilian pressing has a headshot of Tom Petty performing live; it’s a tight shot of him signing into a mic and has read lettering below the photo along the bottom of the sleeve. The non-picture disc UK pressing (there are three different ones) both have the same album art, which is a black and white photo of Tom Petty standing in front of a tank like building. The Dutch pressing utilizes the Damn The Torpedoes album cover, but the photo is cropped to only show Tom Petty from the chest up. The Italian pressing uses the Damn The Torpedoes album cover in its entirety, the only difference being ‘Damn The Torpedoes’ is removed from the cover and a white bar in the lower right corner where the single’s title is printed. The French pressing also uses the Damn The Torpedoes album cover in its entirety, with a diagonal white bar stretching across the middle of the cover, over Tom Petty’s chest, which is where the single’s title is printed. The font on the French pressing is much larger than on the Italian pressing

There are promo versions/pressing of the following pressings; U.S., Spanish, UK and Japanese. As mentioned above, there are three different UK pressings, the most of any country. One of the UK pressings is a picture disc with the song “Insider” on the b-side. A picture of Tom Petty wearing a green shirt under a black jacket performing live is printed on the picture disc. The UK pressings are both pressed on black vinyl and have the same album art, the only difference is the track listing. On one of the pressings the b-side track is “It’s Rainin’ Again” and on the other the b-side features “Insider.”

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Refugee - Copy


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