Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Here Comes My Girl 7″ (U.S. Pressing) & 12″ (UK Pressing)

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Vinyl


This single is yet another in the long line of convoluted Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers pressings, as some people/websites consider there to be two separate releases for it, not just pressings. My stance on the matter; I only consider there to be one release. Just because a different pressing has the b-side track printed on the cover does not necessarily make it a separate release/title.

To lay the ground work, let’s start with the U.S. pressing, which was only pressed as a 7” and has two variants; a standard version and promo version. Both variants were released on Backstreet Records. Both variants also come in the same picture sleeve and have the same catalog number; MCA-41227. The track listing is also the same between them, which is unusual for the promo copies, as they typically have the single pressed on both sides. To see what the picture sleeve looks like, the standard version is featured in the photos below. “Louisiana Rain” is the b-side track.

The U.S. pressing is where the confusion lies with there being two separate releases of this single. But like I said above, I don’t consider a pressing/variant with simply the b-side track advertised/printed on the cover art as constituting a separate, unique release. This issue is most prevalent on Discogs, which often times has things mis-categorized because ill-informed user submit variants and/or pressings as a new release instead of a variant or pressing of the main release already listed on the Discogs. The U.S. pressing, along with several other pressings, have a different track listing from the supposed separate release, which you can read about if you continue to read on through this entry, but I don’t consider that fact constituting a separate release either.

The UK pressing has a 7″ and 12″ variant. The 12″ variant, which is featured in the photos below, has different artwork than the 7″ version, and comes in a standard jacket rather than a thin paper picture sleeve many 12″ singles or maxi singles comes in. The track listing for the 12″ has two songs on the b-side; “Casa Dega” as track 1 and a live version of “Don’t Bring Me Down” as track 2. “Don’t Bring Me Down” was recorded in Boston in July 1978. This is the only 12” pressing of the single.

The UK 7″ comes with the Damn The Torpedoes album cover as the artwork, only in black and white and minus ‘Damn The Torpedoes’ printed on it. It has “Don’t Bring Me Down” on the b-side. It was released on MCA Records with the catalog number is MCA 539. The center labels are the lesser used stock rainbow MCA labels with a black background.

That is all the info I have for the pressings/variants of this single I own. But there are more pressings of the single, including a Japanese and New Zealand pressing. The New Zealand pressing is simple enough to detail. It has the same catalog number and track listing as the U.S. pressing. The only differences are the New Zealand pressing has stock rainbow MCA center labels with a small hole, and the records comes in a stock Polygram Records paper sleeve.

The Japanese pressing, once again, is the easiest one to pick out. Not only does it have Japanese writing on the cover, the cover art is different from any other pressing. The cover art has a photo of Tom Petty set at an angle on the cover, against a lavender background. The Japanese 7” has the track listing is the same as the U.S. and New Zealand pressings, and comes with the stock rainbow MCA center labels with a black background.



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