Bruce Springsteen – Cover Me 7″ (U.S. Pressing) & 12″ (UK & Spanish Pressings)

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Vinyl

Of all the Springsteen singles I own I have the most of the single for “Cover Me.” Not necessarily because it’s one of my favorite Springsteen songs, which it’s not, but because they were the easiest/cheapest to obtain. I feel easiest and cheapest go hand in hand, as any bozo can just go out and buy practically any record ever pressed to fill in missing pieces of their collection if they’re willing to pay any price regardless of how high it is. I’m not one of those people. Part of the fun for me is not only the hunt to find records I’ve been after for however long, but getting a great deal on them too. There have been plenty of times I’ve dug in record stores and found a record I wanted but put it back because it was overpriced.

Now that bit of rambling is over, here is the pertinent info on the “Cover Me” single. In total there are 20 pressings, the most of any Springsteen single. There is even a 5″ shaped pictre disc pressing. I have four different pressings and only need six more to finish off my “Cover Me” collection. I have the regular U.S. 7″ pressing, two different UK 12″ pressings and the Spanish 12″ pressing. Most of the “Cover Me” singles have the same basic cover art regardless of whether it’s a 7″ or 12″, which is Springsteen sitting on the door of a white convertible, likely a Chevy of some kind. There are subtle variances to this cover art in the form of text being on the cover in different places.

In total there are seven different 12″ pressings. There are two different UK pressings, which are pictured below. One of the pressings has an exclusive cover that is different from the Springsteen sitting on a white convertible cover. The cover art for this pressing, which has catalog number TA 4662, has a picture of Springsteen jumping up playing his guitar in front of an American flag (not a real flag but drawing) back drop. The track listing for this pressing is A1 ” Cover Me (Extended Dance Mix),” A2 ” Jersey Girl (Recorded Live At The Meadowlands On July 9, 1981)” and B1 ” Dancin’ In The Dark (Dub Version).”

The other UK 12″ pressing has the white convertible artwork. The cover art has text running from the top left corner down the left side of the about half way. The text is the title along with the full track listing. The catalog number for this pressing is QTA 4662. The track listing for this pressing is: A1 “Cover Me (Undercover Mix),” A2 ” Cover Me (Dub),” A3 “Shut Out The Light,” B1 “Dancing In The Dark (Dub)” and B2 “Jersey Girl.”

The Spanish 12″ pressing has the same white convertible artwork cover art with subtle text differences. It has the single’s title in the top left corner in orange ink and the b-side track written in black in the bottom left corner. This is the only Spanish 12″ pressing and this is the track listing: A1 ” Cover Me (Undercover Mix),” A2 “Cover Me (Dub I),” B1 “Cover Me (Radio)” and B2 “Cover Me (Dub II).”

To go along with those three 12″ pressings, there is also a U.S., Canadian, Japanese and Australian pressing. They all have the same track listing as the Spanish pressing and almost the same cover art. The U.S., Canadian and Australian pressings’ artwork is the same as the Spanish pressing, but doesn’t have the b-side track printed on the cover. There is also a subtle difference in the cover art with the Canadian 12″ pressing and the U.S. and Australian pressings. The Canadian pressing has a circle in the top right corner advertising it’s a 12″ single for whatever unnecessary reason while the U.S. and Australian pressings do not have this circle. The Japanese pressing has an ob-strip, which is the only difference. The catalog number for the U.S. pressing is 44 05087. The Canadian catalog number is 12CXP 05087. The Japanese catalog number is 12AP 2930. The Australian catalog number is BA 12100.

There are 12 different 7″ pressings of the “Cover Me” single; U.S. (3), UK (3), Japanese, Italian, Spanish (2), Dutch/Portuguese and Australian/New Zealand. The first mentioned UK 7″ has the same cover art as the UK 12″ pressing, the one with the flag. There is also another UK 7″ that has the flag cover art, but includes a poster. The last UK pressing comes in a stock Columbia paper sleeve with orange center labels with a large, just like the most U.S. 7″ Springsteen singels have. The track listing is the same for all three UK pressings, with a live version of “Jersey Girl” on the b-side.

The regular U.S. 7″ pressing has the white convertible cover art with text only in the top left corner and nowhere else. The Dutch/Portuguese and Australian/New Zealand pressings are identical in every way to the regular U.S. 7″ pressing. The Japanese pressing has this cover art as well, but there is small Japanese text written in multiple spots on the cover.

One of the other two U.S. 7″ pressings is a promo that has “Cover Me” on both sides of the records. It comes in the same picture sleeve as the regular pressing, but has white center labels instead of the orange like the regular pressing. The last U.S. 7″ is part of the Columbia Hall Of Fame series, which comes in the typical gray HOF paper sleeve with grey center labels.

The Italian pressing has the white convertible cover with a red banner in the bottom right corner that has the b-side track written. One of the Spanish pressings is a single-sided promo, which has the same cover art the Spanish 12″. The regular Spanish 7″ pressing has this cover art as well, and has a live version of “Jersey Girl” on the b-side.

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