Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run 7″

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Vinyl

This a later re-press of the “Born To Run” single. In actuality there are many re-pressings of the single, and they all have a date printed on the center labels, a month and year. My copy is from August 1976. I’m not 100% sure how many different pressings they made. I’ve seen dates as early as May 1973, so they likely did at least three years worth of re-pressings. These later re-pressings were likely juke box singles as they have a large hole and don’t come in picture sleeves. Along with the series of single I have there is also a pressing done through the Columbia Hall Of Fame series. The b-side on all these later re-pressings is “Spirit Of The Night.”

There are no U.S. pressings of the “Born To Run” single that come in a picture sleeve. Only some of the overseas import pressings come in a picture sleeve, and depending on country of origin the cover art is different. The German pressing has a picture of Springsteen and Clarence Clemons that is actually the entire photo used on the Born To Run album cover. Where the album cover is cropped to only show Springsteen leaning on someone, the German single has the entire photo uncropped to show Springsteen leaning on Clemons.

The Dutch pressing has a headshot of Springsteen running his fingers through his hair. The Italian pressing uses the Born To Run album art. The Japanese pressing has the same cover art as the Italian pressing, only the is green Japanese text across the top. The Japanese pressing also has an exclusive b-side; “Backstreets.” The Spanish pressing is the only pressing to have a full color picture sleeve. It has a brown border with a group shot of the Springsteen And The E-Street Band in front of a building.

The Australian, UK (2), Greek, New Zealand, South African and Canadian pressing all come in a multitude of stock Columbia Records paper sleeves.

The b-side on most of the pressing is “Meeting Across The River” Along with the aforementioned Japanese pressing, the South African pressing is the only other pressing to have an exclusive b-side, which is “10th Avenue Freeze Out.”

Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run '76 Columbia Silver label - Copy


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