Bruce Springsteen – Brilliant Disguise 7″ (U.S. & UK Pressings) & 12″ (UK Pressing)

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Vinyl

I have three versions of the single for Brilliant Disguise; a U.S. 7″, a UK 7″ and a UK 12″. For the photos below they are in the order listed above. In total there are 17 separate pressings, divided up into five 12″ pressings and 12 – 7″ pressings. It’s important to note that for some of the 7″ pressings they may have been sold in different countries but the catalog number is the same, so that constitutes one single pressing rather than two.

For the 12″ pressings, there are subtle variations to the cover art with some of them. The UK pressing I have has red lettering for the song title while the Dutch/Euro 12″ pressing is entirely black and white. The track listing for the UK 12″ is: “Brilliant Disguise” on the a-side and “Lucky Man” on the b-side. The track listing for the Dutch 12″ pressing has an extra song on the b-side; ” 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” that appears as the second track. Both the UK and Dutch 12″ pressings come with the same poster. It’s a separate piece and is not a poster sleeve.

Along with those two 12″ pressings there is also a Brazilian, Spanish and U.S. pressing as well. I don’t know as much about the Brazilian pressing other than that is has “Tunnel Of Love” on the b-side. While I know it exists I have never seen a photo of one, so I don’t know what the cover/jacket looks like. The Spanish 12″ is classified as a maxi-single and is identical in every way to the Dutch 12″ pressing, save from Spanish text printed in some spots on the cover. The U.S. 12″ pressing is a promo and has the single on both sides of the record. It has the some cover art as the UK 12″ pressing.

There is one main difference (if they come in picture sleeves) between all the 7″ pressings, which can be found on the cover. Some pressings have entirely black and white covers while others have red lettering for the song title. One of the two UK and Dutch pressings and the Portuguese pressing has red lettering, while all the rest that come in picture sleeves are entirely black and white. On top of the red lettering, there is another key difference with those respective pressings; they come in gatefold jackets and have an extra bit of text printed on the cover that reads “Limited Edition Gatefold Discography.”

All the 7″ pressings have the same track listing (not counting promos which have the single on both sides), with “Lucky Man” on the b-side. Here are all the 7″ pressings listed out by country; UK (2), Dutch (2), U.S. (2), Japanese (2), Spanish, Portuguese, Irish/Australian, Argentine, Canada. There is a regular and promo U.S. pressing. The Spanish pressing is single sided, one of the only ones with the distinction along with one of the Japanese pressings. Both Japanese pressings have Japanese writing on the cover, which is in addition to the English single title along the top.


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