Bruce Springsteen – Tunnel Of Love 7″ (U.S. Pressing)

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Vinyl

There are quite a few pressings of Bruce Springsteen singles. Some are glaringly different from one another, with different cover art and/or track listings. But for others the difference is as simple as country of origin. The 7″ single for “Tunnel Of Love” is one of the larger singles in terms of pressings with 13.

What is pictured here is the standard U.S pressing, which comes in a picture sleeve and has “Two For The Road” on the b-side. There is also a promo pressing of this single, which has “Tunnel Of Love” on both sides of the 7″. I’m not 100% sure if the promo pressing comes in a picture sleeve or not; I’m leaning towards it coming in a stock Columbia Records sleeve.

Along with the U.S. 7″ pressing, there is also a UK, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Australian, Japanese and Canadian, pressing. There are two variants for the UK 7″ pressing, one as a shaped picture disc and the other as a standard single pressed on black vinyl housed in a stock black CBS sleeve. The shaped picture disc is one of the more expensive Springsteen singles out there and is one of the rarer ones too. It’s shaped like a postage stamp that has the picture sleeve cover art on it. Both UK 7″ pressings have “Two For The Road” on the b-side.

The Dutch, Portuguese, Australian and Canadian 7″ pressings are all identical to the U.S. pressing in terms of cover art on the picture sleeve and track listing, save for the catalog numbers and label releasing the single. The Japanese pressing is identical to the aforementioned pressings, except there is Japanese writing on the cover. The Spanish 7″ pressing has exclusive cover art for the picture sleeve, which is inspired by the Tunnel Of Love album cover art. The Spanish pressing is single sided.

On top of all the 7″ pressings there are also three different 12″ pressings; a UK, Dutch and Spanish. There are two variants for the UK 12″ pressing, with the only difference being one comes in a poster sleeve. Both UK 12″ pressings have two b-sides, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and “Two For The Road.” The Dutch and Spanish 12″ pressings are identical to the standard UK pressing all around

It’s important to note that all the import pressings are released under the CBS Records banner and has a red center label. The U.S. pressing is the only one to be released under Columbia Records banner.

Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel Of Love 7'' - Copy


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