Bruce Springsteen – Tunnel Of Love

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Vinyl

Bruce Springsteen’s eighth studio album, Tunnel Of Love, can be hard to find on vinyl. Even though it’s not of his more popular albums, it’s not sitting in dollar bins or many used racks. Even though it may be hard to find in physical stores, you can find many copies on the secondary market for cheap, depending on what kind of condition you want.

To help the completists out there to the best of my ability, I will lay out some finer point details about the U.S. pressing of Tunnel Of Love. It was released on Columbia Records, not CBS Records like many other import pressings. It’s a major distinction even though Columbia and CBS are essentially the same company. All U.S. pressings, minus maybe some promo copies, come shrink wrapped with a black hype sticker on the cover. All copies come with a printed, full color glossy dust sleeve. One slide of the sleeve has the lyrics printed on it, with the other side having the liner notes and a picture of Bruce sitting at a desk with an acoustic guitar. There is no insert included with any copies.

Along with the U.S pressing there are many other import pressings of Tunnel Of Love. There is a Greek, Japanese, Hong Kong, Mexico, UK, general European, South African, Argentine, Colombian, Portuguese, Spanish, Australian, Italian, South Korean, Yugoslavian (Yes, I’m aware that country no longer exists and I’m sure some of my readers are not even aware that country even existed), Brazilian and Canadian pressing. For those not aware, I will give an important history lesson. Yugoslavia existed in southeastern Europe between 1918-1992. It’s a region embroiled in turmoil to this day. After a bloody ethnic war, Yugoslavia ceased to exist as it was once known, splitting off into several new nations (listed west to east); Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo (not recognized by some countries) and Macedonia. Even though Yugoslavia split in 1992, fighting in the region persisted for several years after, with the last of the major incursions taking place in 2001.

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