V/A – Record Store Day 2008 comp

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Vinyl
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The first Record Store Day (RSD) I participated in I guess you could call it because I don’t know how else to phrase it was back in 2008, which was also the first year RSD was held. When RSD first started they were big on giving out free records; not CD samplers, but 12″ comps. Sadly, that has started to die off, as the free promos now mainly consist of CD samplers and if you’re lucky a 7″ of some awful band no one has ever heard of that one of the major labels is trying to promote.

In 2008 Sony Records had this promo comp to give out to anyone who bought any Sony family (Sony, Epic Columbia, Legacy) full length album on Record Store Day. It did not necessarily have to be a RSD release. That is what this promo comp was intended for, but my local store had quite a few copies of it and just started giving them away to anyone who made a purchase regardless of what or how much they bought. The first RSD did not have as many stores participating as participate now, so my store had oodles of everything to give out, including the RSD releases themselves, which only numbered like 10 or so.

Pressing info was never announced, but expect it to be in the thousands since it’s a promo item. All copies were pressed as a single LP on black vinyl, and I believe it was a U.S. exclusive item. The record itself comes in a printed, fully color, glossy dust sleeve.The track listing for this comp is as follows:

Side A

  1. Bruce Springsteen – Girls In Their Summer Clothes
  2. John Mayer – Waiting On The World To Change
  3. Coheed And Cambria – Feathers
  4. P.O.D. – Addicted
  5. Newton Faulkner – Dream Catch Me
  6. Steve Winwood feat. Eric Clapton – Dirty City

Side B

  1. Lou Reed – Perfect Day
  2. Run D.M.C. – It’s Tricky
  3. Rage Against The Machine – Bombtrack
  4. Patti Smith – Kimberly
  5. Pearl Jam – Black
  6. Jeff Buckley – Eternal Life

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