The Police – Message In A Bottle 7″ (U.S. Pressing)

Posted: July 21, 2015 in Vinyl

The Police have released many singles over the years, with some getting both a 7″ and 12″ pressing. All of their singles have pressings from multiple countries. What is pictured below is the poster sleeve U.S pressing of the 7″ version of “Message In A Bottle.” The b-side to all pressings is “Landlord.”

Along with the poster sleeve U.S. 7″ single, there is also a standard picture sleeve variant that has the same cover art as the poster sleeve variant. The standard sleeve also “Landlord” as the b-side. The standard sleeve variant is supposedly rarer than the poster sleeve variant, but the poster sleeve variant sells for more money. The poster sleeve folds out to reveal a poster of the Reggatta de Blanc cover art. The side of the poster that has the 7″ single cover art does fold out, but does not have a coherent image for a poster. It’s just the cover and the back of the sleeve on opposite sides of the poster, with a blank sea of blue in the middle.

Aside from the U.S. pressing, there is also a UK, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Japanese, Canadian, Philippines, South African, Rhodesian (country now called Zimbabwe), Australian and New Zealand pressing.

The UK, German, French, Italian and general European pressing has different artwork for the picture sleeve than the U.S. pressing. It’s a photo of the band with a coke bottle smashed over it. The b-side for the UK pressing is “Landlord.” The German pressing has a slight variant with the cover though, as it has the British flag in the top left corner with the hype note “top hit” over top the flag. The Japanese and Spanish pressings utilizes the Reggatta de Blanc cover art and has Japanese writing on the cover. The Portuguese pressing has exclusive cove art on its picture sleeve. It’s a photo of the band with a white border around it that is centered in the sleeve.

The Irish, Canadian, South African, Rhodesian (Zimbabwe), Australian, New Zealand and Philippines pressings all come in stock sleeves.


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