The Police – Can’t Stand Losing You 7″ (U.S. Pressing)

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Vinyl

The Police have released many singles over the years, with some getting both a 7″ and 12″ pressing. All of their singles have pressings from multiple countries. What is pictured below is the standard U.S pressing of the 7″ version of “Can’t Stand Losing You.”

Along with the standard U.S. 7″ single, which has “No Time This Time” as the b-side and comes in a picture sleeve, there is also a promo version that comes in a stock A&M Records die-cut sleeve and both the stereo (a-side) and mono (b-side) versions of “Can’t Stand Losing You.” This picture sleeve is exclusive to the picture sleeve U.S. pressing. The picture sleeve has the back of all the band members’ heads with a black background that has the single title printed in red lettering along the top. All U.S. pressings are done on black vinyl.

On top of those two U.S. pressings, there are also a UK, German, Dutch, Portuguese, New Zealand, Irish and Canadian pressings. With there being so many different pressings of this single, the easiest ways to tell them apart are the track listing, color of vinyl and cover artwork. Usually either one of those or both are different from other pressings. The pressings can also be distinguished by continent/region. All North American pressings have the same b-side track; “No Time This Time,” and all European pressings have the same b-side track; “Dead End Job.” The New Zealand and Australian pressings, being from the Oceania region, one of the most unrecognized regions, both have “So Lonely” on the b-side.

All the European pressings, except for the Irish pressing, have the same cover art, which is a man hanging from a noose dangling above a block of ice. The Irish pressing comes in a stock A&M Recods sleeve, which is different than the stock A&M Records sleeve of the U.S. promo pressing. The Irish sleeve is all black with the A&M script logo printed across the top. The U.S. promo pressing also has the A&M logo printed across the top, but has records floating along the bottom of the sleeve.

The UK has a whopping 30 different pressings. Many of them have subtle differences. Some are more easily discernible, like the ones pressed on different color vinyl. Of the easiest ones to tell apart, there are pressings on red, green, yellow, white and black. Many of those colors have multiple pressings as well, which help make up the 30 different pressings total.

The hardest to tell apart UK pressings are all pressed on some variation of blue vinyl. There is a straight up traditional blue, dark blue and light blue pressings, with multiple variants of each of those different shades of blue. The light blue has the most, with three. The light blue vinyl variants can be told apart by have many rings there are around the spindle hole. One variant has three rings, the second has one wide ring around the entire spindle hole and the last has either four or five rings. One pressing of the traditional blue has two variants, one with a serrated rim around the enter label and the other with the serrated rim.

For the most part all the UK pressings come in a picture sleeve with the same artwork. However, there a few pressings that come in a stock A&M Records sleeve, which are all the black vinyl pressings. Some of the black pressings have stock A&M Records center labels printed on either red or silver. One black pressing also comes in the hanging man picture sleeve with the regular center labels used for majority of the European pressings.

The Police - Can't Stand Losing You - Copy


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