The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic 7″ (U.S. Pressing)

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Vinyl

Like many Police singles, there a countless pressings for “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.” There is a U.S., UK, Europeans in general, Italian, Japan, German, Costa Rican, Canadian, Irish, Brazilian, Australian, Dutch, Portuguese, South African, New Zealand, Philippines, Peruvian and Spanish. Some of these countries have multiple pressings as well, which only adds to the total pressing count. The pressing featured here is the regular U.S. pressing, which has a blue background with the outline of a heart in the center. The b-side track is “Shambelle.” An important note of this U.S. pressing is that there is a mis-press floating around out there that has the center labels switched around; so the a-side will play but have the b-side center label and vice-versa.

All of the pressings the Japanese is the easiest to tell apart, as it’s the only one with Japanese writing on the cover. There are two Italian pressings; one is a juke box single that has a Joan Armatrading song on the b-side. The other Italian pressing is identical to the U.S. pressing featured here. Several of the pressings in fact, are identical (minus catalog numbers) to the U.S. pressing featured here; the general Euro, Dutch and Portuguese. The Spanish pressing is very similar to the U.S. pressing, the artwork on the picture sleeve is identical, with the only difference between the pressings being that the Spanish pressing has the single title in Spanish rather than English. All the following pressings have “Shambelle” on the b-side, but don’t have a picture sleeve; Costa Rican, Canadian, Australian, South African, Philippines and Peruvian.

The UK and Irish pressings have an exclusive b-side. which is “Flexible Strategies.’ The artwork for both of these pressing is also exclusive, and different to any other pressings. Both have the band sitting on a carpet floor meant o resemble a cityscape. The German and Brazilian pressings both have “Shambelle” on the b-side but each has its own, exclusive artwork. The German artwork is the artwork from the UK and Irish pressing cropped into a smaller square, with a white border along the left hand side up around the top edge. This border has “Hit Come Back” printed along the top edge, which might be a singles series, and there is also some hype statements along the left side like “#1 Hit Single.” The Brazilian artwork is a picture of the band standing around, with Sting wearing short shorts.

The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic US - Copy


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