The Police – Spirits In The Material World 7″ (U.S. Pressing)

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Vinyl

Like many Police singles, there a countless pressings for “Spirits In The Material World.” There are both 7″ and 12″ pressings, with the bulk coming as a traditional 7″ single, or most commonly referred to as a 45. There was only one pressing done as a 12″, which was a U.S. single that features an exclusive b-side (exclusive in the fact it’s only found on this vinyl single and no other single) “Secret Journey.”

Along with the 12″, there is also a 7″ U.S. pressing, which is featured here. The U.S. pressing of the 7″ has “Flexible Strategies” on the b-side. The artwork has three bars running diagonally across the middle of the picture sleeve, with the left half of the sleeve having a black background and the right half a salmon color. This cover art is exclusive to the U.S. 7″ pressing.

Along with the two U.S. pressings, there are also a UK, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian, Canadian, Peru, Australian, Greek and New Zealand pressings. The Canadian, Peruvian, Australian (small spindle hole), Greek, New Zealand (small spindle hole) all come in stock A & M Records paper sleeves or plain paper sleeves. Some of the European pressings have the same, exclusive covert art on the picture sleeve, which features a blue background with a headshot picture of the band printed in a lighter shade of blue. These pressings include the UK, Dutch, German and Italian. All those pressings also have the song “Low Life” on the b-side instead of “Flexible Strategies.”

The Japanese pressing has exclusive artwork as well, which the easiest to tell apart from any pressing because it has Japanese writing on it. It has “Flexible Strategies” on the b-side.f The Spanish pressing and Brazilian pressings are some more with exclusive cover art. The Spanish pressing uses the Ghosts In The Machine album art with a minor change; the single’s name is printed on it (Spirits In The Material World) instead of the album title. The Brazilian pressing has a black and white picture of the band in the center with two silver bands framing the picture along the top and bottom edge. The Spanish and Brazilian pressings have “Low Life” on the b-side.

The Peruvian and Canadian pressing is the only pressing to have the song title printed in a language other than English on the center labels, albeit in parentheses under the English portion. The Peruvian pressing has Spanish and the Canadian pressing has French. The Peruvian pressing also has “Too Much Information” on the b-side and the Canadian pressing has :Hungry For You” on the b-side, both of which are exclusive to their respective singles.

The Police - Spirits In The Material World US - Copy


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