No Devotion – Singles 2014 Box Set

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Vinyl
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Not too long after Collect Records released the two No Devotion 12″ singles, they announced they would be releasing both records in a limited edition box set. This box set features a slip lip with gold embossing. The box is cloth bound and because there is only two single pocket 12″ records in the box, there is a cardboard stand inside to prevent the records from jostling around. The box itself is much bigger (depth wise) than necessary, but it’s a standard size box based on other similar box sets in my collection. I’m assuming it was cheaper for Collect Records to go with the standard size box even though it’s too big, rather than order custom made boxes

The box itself is limited to 400 copies. The records inside, the “Stay b/w Eyeshadow” 12″ and the “10,000 Summers” 12″, are each pressed on black vinyl, with the “Stay b/w Eyeshadow” 12″ limited to 900 copies and the “10,000 Summers” 12″ limited to 1500 copies. Obviously 400 copies of each of the singles on black vinyl were set aside for this box set. You can find full pressing info for the Stay b/w Eyeshadow 12″ here and for the 10,000 Summers 12″ here.

There is a glaring issue with the box set however, as they shipped from the plant with only one records inside, the “10,000 Summers” single. The “Stay b/w Eyeshadow” 12″ is inexplicably missing. To make matters worse the box set was done ahead of schedule and shipped out to stores and other retailers early. Collect Records wasn’t aware of the error before people started buying the box sets. As soon as they found out they started to correct the problem. They recalled all the box sets, but some stores/retailers didn’t comply, as I bought a copy of the box set online from Hastings in June 2015 only to discover it was missing the “Stay b/w Eyeshadow” 12″. The box set was released in early January 2015.

If anyone wants to buy either or both of the 12″ singles let me know. As I already bought both singles outside of this box set I don’t need two copies of either one. They’re both still sealed, however the Stay b/w Eyeshadow 12″ is on white vinyl and not black vinyl. There is a sticker on the front denoting it’s on white vinyl, and you can see the record through the die-cut portion of the jacket so it’s verified to be white. The 10,000 Summers 12″ is o black vinyl, again verified through seeing the record through the die-cut portion. The 10,000 Summers 12″ has the start of a small seam split along the top edge of the jacket. $14 ppd for both singles or $10 ppd each – USA shipping only.

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