Saves The Day – The Tide Of Our Times/Everlasting Everything 7″

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Vinyl

Saves The Day released two new songs on a 7″ in 2014. It’s the first time the band has released new material in two years. The two songs are as the title of the record implies (in order, one track per side) “The Tide Of Our Times” and “Everlasting Everything.” The b-side is a b-side from the band’s latest album, their self-titled release.

There were 1,000 copies of this 7″ pressed, all on white vinyl. All copies come with a download card. There is a hype sticker on the cover, with the cover art inspired by the cover of their self-titled album. The copy I received from Merchnow had the hype sticker placed wrong, as it was placed upside down along the bottom of the jacket rather than right side up along the top like 99.9% of hype stickers are.

For a 7″ this is also o the pricey side, coming in at $8. That is likely the reason why it didn’t sell well. That and it only features one new song. The 7″ was released in November 2014, and as of writing this still hasn’t sold out. The releases of this 7″ was also timed with a re-press of the self-titled album, which also hasn’t sold out. The first pressing hasn’t even sold out, the re-press was done because of quality issues with the first pressing. Even though this 7″ is far from selling out and going OOP, it’s not stopping morons from trying and failing to flip this on the second hand market, with most asking upwards of $20 for it. Fortunately there have not been any even bigger morons out there who have bought one.

Saves The Day - The Tide Of Our TImes-Everlasting Everything - Copy

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