What’s Eating Gilbert/Octaves – SXSW Split 7″

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Vinyl
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For their 2013 South By Southwest (SXSW) Showcase Bridge Nine Records (B9) had a split 7″ pressed featuring two of their bands playing the showcase. What’s Eating Gilbert and Octaves each contribute a song to the 7″. At the time of the split’s release the What’s Eating Gilbert song was a brand new, unreleased song that was exclusive to this 7″. The What’s Eating Gilbert song, “Tell Me You Love Me,” later appeared on Chad Gilbert’s compilation album, Solid Gold Hits Vol 1, where he combined all of his 7″ releases (as of 2013) on one album. The title was re-worked for this comp however, becoming “If You Told Me You Loved Me.”

These splits were given out for free to anyone who wanted one at the showcase. Not all of the 500 copies were given out though. Either not many people wanted one, they weren’t actually given to every person who walked through the door (you had to get the 7″ elsewhere like a merch table), they purposely didn’t have all the copies at the showcase or simply not many people attended B9’s showcase. I find it hard to believe 500 people didn’t go to B9’s showcase though.

As just mentioned, there were 500 total copies pressed of this split 7″, with two variants for it. There are 100 copies on white and 400 copies on red. The back of the jacket says “one time pressing of 500 copies” along the bottom in the fine print. I don’t know if both variants were given out at the show or if they were if people were able to pick what color they wanted. There is no mention of the white being one of B9’s typical friends presses though. To be perfectly honest I was not aware of this split’s existence prior to somewhere between six months to one year ago. And I’ve never gone to SXSW. So I’m not 100% sure of all the finer point details about it. Plus B9 nor the bands did not publicize much, if anything about this split 7″. What I do know is that B9 had some leftover copies after the showcase, as they were giving them away for free through mail order (vinyl purchases only), apparently to anyone who requested one, not only at random. Again, not publicizing anything about it, otherwise I would have taken them up on the offer.

Around the 2015 holiday season Chad Gilbert was selling some What’s Eating Gilbert merch on ebay. Amongst the t-shirts, hoodies and CD’s was his Cheap Shots 7″ that was a only being sold by a distro charging more for shipping than the actual 7″ they were shipping (one of the my pet peeves that results in me refusing got buy something). Chad was charging a reasonable price for it, and since the money would be going directly to him I didn’t hesitate to buy a copy of the Cheap Shots 7″ from him. He was promoted his ebay sales heavily on social media, and posted that all ebay orders would be getting free extra goodies like pins and patches along with a thank you card. To my surprise upon opening the package (shipped 2 day priority male for $4) there was a copy of the What’s Eating Gilbert SXSW Split 7″ with Octaves on white vinyl thrown in as well. There was a WWF trading card in there as well and the thank you card was autographed by Chad for one last awesome touch.


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