The Early November – Digital Age 7″

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Vinyl

When pre-orders for The Early November’s latest album, Imbue, were launched there were a handful of bundle options available. Two of them had what at the time was an exclusive 7″, which was single sided and featured a newly recorded version of the song “Digital Age.” “Digital Age” was a song off the band’s previous album In Currents, which was mostly acoustic. This new version is mostly electric and is also longer, almost double the length actually.

The 7″ was only available in the two most expensive bundles; an $85 option that included everything possible, with the likes of a coffee mug, two different t-shirts (designs different), a hoodie, two different posters (1 screen print and 1 on glossy paper), stickers and last but not least not only a vinyl copy of the album but also a CD and cassette copy as well. The cheaper ($55) of the two bundles containing the 7″ had all of those items except the hoodie and only one t-shirt design. Eventually the 7″ was made available for purchase outside of the bundles, which happened well after Imbue was released at some point in early July 2015.

The 7″, The Early November’s first solo 7″ release, is limited to 500 copies o translucent green and it’s single sided. The b-side is etched however, which was never mentioned anywhere. So it was a very nice surprise and made the 7″ a little more worthwhile. It cost $6 before shipping, but I made a huge order with Merchnow for seven records I held off on ordering because of waiting for bundles to be broken up and the fact there was no rush because they were not selling out fast.

These bundle exclusive records, whether exclusive color or records themselves are ridiculous at this point. Rise couldn’t even sell 300 of them. I know this because in the bundle was an exclusive blue variant of Imbue limited to 300 copies, and combined with the fact there were about 250 copies if this 7″ left when Merchnow sold them on their own outside of the bundles. For good measure, there were about 40 copies of the blue LP variant left over when those were sold outside of the bundles.



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