The Early November – Imbue

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Vinyl

The Early November’s latest album and second release on Rise Records, Imbue, was pressed on four different colors. A few of them are exclusive to certain retailers, with some of those exclusive eventually being sold outside of the exclusivity. First, there are 300 copies on transparent blue, which was initially exclusive to a handful of bundles that included things like t-shirts (two different designs), hoodies, not one but two different posters, stickers, coffee mugs, a CD and cassette copy of the album and a 7″ record. There were various bundle options, some that included less stuff, with other bundles increasingly adding items to you eventually hit the mega bundle that included all of the aforementioned items. This mega bundle cost $85, with the cheapest option to get the blue variant costing $55. This cheaper bundle had everything mentioned above except for the hoodie and included only one of the two t-shirts.

Eventually the blue variant was sold individually outside of the bundles, which happened before the album was even released, angering some people, and rightfully so. Typically when Rise/Merchnow split up bundles it only after the album has been released. The aforementioned 7″ was also initially only available in the more expensive bundles, the $55 one and the $85, but it too was eventually sold alone outside of the bundles, just like the blue variant.

The remaining variants are translucent red limited to 500 copies, translucent yellow limited to 700 copies and translucent purple limited to 1500 copies. Red is a tour exclusive, yellow a Merchnow exclusive and purple is a retail exclusive. One thing of note though, which can’t be verified because the person making the claim never posted pictures as proof when prompted and is someone who insists on posting things on message boards without any sort of proof (he’s turns out to be right about 45% of the time), is that he bought a copy at his local store and it was red instead of purple. This same person also claimed that red was going to be a Hot Topic exclusive color, which obviously turned out not to be true.

The record comes in a gatefold jacket, which has a matte finish. Also included is an insert a CD copy of the album instead of a download code. The gatefold artwork is rather bland and frankly, lame. The insert has the lyrics printed on one side and yet another boring photograph on the reverse side. One thing of note is that I think only the retail copies of the album, the purple variant, come with a hype sticker on the cover. I saw it in my local record store before I bought a yellow copy online and assumed every copy would come with the same hype sticker, but no. My yellow copy does not have a hype sticker but rather a price tag type sticker denoting the vinyl color. Which makes sense given the purpose of hype stickers and every copy except for the purple ones would never see a store. Said hype sticker didn’t mention anything other than “new album!” and “colored vinyl!” however.


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