Hidden In Plain View – Animal 7″

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Vinyl

2015 was a big year for Hidden In Plain View. The band, who was defunct for seven years, embarked on a 10 Year Anniversary Tour for their album Life In Dreaming and also released their first physical release in eight years in the form of a 7″ featuring three songs. Two of the songs are brand new while one was first released back in 2014 but never saw a physical release until now. The two new songs are “Hunting The Hunter” on the A-side and “Self Inflicted” on the B-side. The previously released song, “No Way Out” is the second track on the A-side. The 7″, entitled Animal, was released by Rise Records and was pressed on two different colors; royal blue and grimace purple limited to 250 copies and clear limited to 750 copies.

All copies come with a double-sided insert, which is a nice touch for a 7″. But one big knock against this release is that a download code/card is not included. MP3 downloads or including a CD copy of an album has become common practice for most labels and bands releasing material on vinyl. It’s a slap to the face of everyone already bought a copy of a release in the physical form to have to buy yet another copy (regardless of how cheap the songs are on iTunes) in order to listen the songs anywhere other than via a turntable.

Initially the royal blue and grimace purple was only available in a bundle deal with a t-shirt, but sometime in late July 2015 the bundles were finally broken up the this variant was made available for purchase by itself. These bundles sold very poorly, and it’s more evidence that making records or certain variants only available in bundles does not work for the most part. Of the 250 available only about 100 were sold. I know this because when I discovered Merchnow broke up the bundle there were 143 copies of the 7″ left. In the case of the ridiculous Early November bundles for their latest album (also released by Rise), they couldn’t even sell 300 of them, and they’re a more popular band than Hidden In Plain View.


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