New Found Glory – One More Round 7″

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Vinyl

New Found Glory released a 7″ for the second single off their latest album Resurrection in June 2015. The single “One More Round” has a somewhat exclusive b-side in the form of an acoustic version of “Living Hell.” I say somewhat exclusive because this is the only domestic release that acoustic song appears on (also appears on the Japanese import version of Resurrection) and the only vinyl release for the song to date (it will later appear on the re-release of Resurrection entitled Resurrection: Ascension).

The 7″ was released by Hopeless Records and pressed on two variants; clear with heavy red splatter and black with heavy red splatter, both limited to 500 copies a piece. “Heavy” splatter simply means more splatter than normal. The clear with red splatter was advertised simply as clear with red splatter, but the copy I received has a hype sticker that says “cloudy clear.” Not that it matters, but the copy I received has what I think is a normal amount of splatter. So I’m not sure if the “heavy” part of the variant name was a sales tactic, hoping more people would buy it because people are color vinyl obsessed. A more important thing though, is that the “black with heavy red splatter” actually turned out red with black splatter.

A download card is included with all copies, and all copies also come sealed. The cover art and variants are inspired by the music video (yes, those are still things apparently) for “One More Round.” When pre-orders of this 7″ went up a bundle for both color variants along with a copy of Resurrection on clear with black vinyl was available for purchase, at a measly $2 discount from what you would spend if you bought all three items individually.

This 7″ did not and has not sold well. It did not sell out during through pre-orders when NFG used to a hot commodity when it came to vinyl. Their buzz has fizzled over the years, which is sad to see as they’re one of my favorite bands. As of writing this they are over 200 copies of the “black with heavy red splatter” and over 180 copies of the clear with heavy red splatter. The announcement of Resurrection: Ascension has no doubt hurt sales, as you can get both songs on this 7″ on that re-release of the full length album. But sales were slow before that announcement. When I bought my copy there were over 210 copies of the clear with heavy red splatter, and that was three weeks ago. I monitored the stock level of both variants since it was put up for pre-order back in April to see if when I needed to buy one so it wouldn’t sell out on me, and it took more than three months for them to sell less than half of the pressing.

New Found Glory - One More Round - Copy

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