Senses Fail – Pull The Thorns From Your Heart

Posted: August 28, 2015 in Vinyl

Senses Fail’s new album, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, is the band’s first release on Pure Noise Records. The label journeymen completed their transformation into a full fledged hardcore band with their previous album, Renacer, but this latest effort sees them take a slight step back towards their earlier sound. Pull The Thorns From Your Heart is a mixture of in your face, aggressive hardcore tunes and more mellow, post hardcore esque songs.

Pull The Thorns From Your Heart was pressed on three different colors; purple in pink with white splatter limited to 500 copies, blue/grey smash with magenta splatter limited to 500 copies and half translucent purple/half baby pink limited 1500 copies. The purple in pink with white splatter was exclusive to Pure Noise Records, and to add a kicker, it was only available in bundles with CD copies of the album. The Pure Noise exclusive sold out, but it took months. Surprisingly longer than I expected because Senses Fail stuff is usually a fast mover. The blue/grey smash with magenta splatter is a Hot Topic exclusive and cost $2.50 more than the two other variants available. The half translucent purple/half baby pink is available everywhere except Hot Topic, so that will be the color you’ll get if you buy this at your local record store, or anywhere online that is not Hot Topic.

The record went up for pre-order in late April 2015 and was released at the end of June 2015. As far as I know there were no delays with the vinyl version of the album. A few days before the album was released a merch company (Merch Limited) I’ve never heard of before launched an exclusive pre-order for copies of the album with an exclusive screen printed cover featuring alternate artwork. Apparently this is something Pure Noise has been doing with a few of their releases lately, and something I was not aware of. This exclusive alternate screened cover was only available with a t-shirt, which also featured an exclusive design that was a spin on the original album art. These limited bundles were only available for one week, which is something the merch company (Merch Limited) routinely does. I forgot to follow the stock level of the bundle so I’m not sure if they sold out or they were just pulled from the site because one week had gone by. Either way they are no longer available.

These alternate screened covers are limited to 100 copies, and they’re all hand numbered. They’re half fold sleeves that are designed to slide over the regular album jacket. Some people are complaining about the sleeves not fitting over the jacket properly, but my copy has no issues. It’s cut and folded almost perfectly actually. What I think is happening is that people are getting copies of the alternate screened cover that aren’t folded properly, and as a result don’t cover the jacket completely. Either that or people are whining about the sleeves being a half-fold, something that was obvious based on the pre-order page and from past Pure Noise alternate screened covers.

All the variants come in a gatefold jacket, which has a matte finish. The record itself comes in a full color, glossy dust sleeve. The lyrics are printed inside the gatefold. A download code is included as well. There is a hype sticker on the cover of all variants, but it doesn’t denote color, it simply states “limited edition colored vinyl.” However, as previously stated, unless you ordered the bundle with the CD for the rarest variant directly from Pure Noise or bought it at Hot Topic, you’ll get the /1500 half translucent purple/half baby pink variant.

If anyone wants to buy the t-shirt from me let me know by leaving a comment (your contact info and name will be kept private as I won’t make your comment public). It’s size Medium and I haven’t even tried it on let alone wear it or wash it.

Apparently Hot Topic had “just a little overage” with their exclusive of Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, as Merchnow randomly started selling roughly 30 copies of the Hot Topic exclusive variant at the very end of July 2015. Seeing as it has happened now with a handful of Pure Noise Records releases, and overruns are a common thing when pressing records, I find the Hot Topic rep’s “reason” for Merchnow selling copies of the “Hot Topic” exclusive fishy. Even more so when he only responded to the chatter once someone said “They probably got them because Hot Topic has a hard time selling most of their exclusive variants.” My feeling is the Hot Topic rep used it as a sales tactic to cause hype for Hot Topic exclusives, trying to cleverly point out that they do in fact sell well without saying those exact words. To top things off Pure Noise sold the “Hot Topic” exclusive for $5.50 less than Hot Topic, further proving Hot Topic marks things up just because.


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