FrnkIero And The Cellabration/Lonely The Brave – Split 7″

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Vinyl
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Frank Iero has been busy with his new band, FrnkIero And The Cellabration. About a year after releasing their debut album the band released a split 7″ with Lonely The Brave in August 2015. The split 7″ was released by Hassle Records out of the UK and it’s a UK exclusive, so it cost a pretty penny to import it to the U.S., about $15. This split sold out through pre-orders for the most part, but Banquet Records, the only place to buy this 7″ from aside from the label itself, put up about eight copies after release date from what I’m guessing was cancelled orders or they got in more copies than initially thought. I snagged one of said eight copies, one of the few times an “notify by email when back in stock” alert actually paid off.

This split 7″ was limited to 500 copies and all copies were pressed on black vinyl. A download code is not included with the physical records, but if you ordered directly from Hassle Records they emailed you a download code on release day. If you bought the record anywhere else you’re SOL. However, it’s not a total loss as the only exclusive, unreleased (FrnkIero And The Cellabration) found on this split, “Give Me Liberty, But Give Me Depth” is a waste really as it clocks in at 1:40 in length. The other FrnkIero And The Cellabration song on this split is “Weighted,” which was released on the band’s debut full length Stomachaches.

One interesting note is that the cover art for this split 7″ was done by Dan Carter from the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show. Since this split 7″ came out he has been selling prints of the artwork in limited runs.

FrnkIero And The Cellabration - The Lonely Brave Split - Copy

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