The Modern Post – Lowborn King

Posted: December 10, 2015 in Vinyl
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In a surprise announcement The Modern Post (Dustin Kensrue side/solo project) released his second/first Christmas release; Lowborn King, on vinyl for the first time. The EP was released by BEC Recordings and is pressed as a 10″ on four different variants. The 10″ comes on oxblood/reflective gold limited to 100 copies, oxblood limited to 100 copies, gold limited to 100 copies and black limited to 200 copies.

This pressing got very little attention or promotion other than one or two Twitter posts. It was barely even mentioned on one of the most popular vinyl message boards. The only /100 variant to sell out (as of posting this) is the oxblood/reflective gold. Aside from the little promotion of the release, the main problem lies with the webstore selling the 10″ has a hyperlink problem which makes the store appear to not load. So people think they can’t buy it because the store won’t load. The hyperlink is to a specific item that is no longer available, so all you have to do is remove the nonsense at the end of the link in your address bar in your browser so the only there is

I opted for the 2-day priority mail shipping option because it was only 1 penny more than the cheapest shipping option available, so I got my copy very quickly (had this since¬†Monday but didn’t post it till today). I was very disappointed when I opened it to see there is next to no gold on my copy. I usually don’t care about the way records look or get too concerned with what color it is, which sounds the coolest, etc. But in this case the oxblood/reflective gold sounded awesome because it should have matched the album art perfectly and if the gold was truly reflective it would be one of the more unique variants out there let alone in my collection.

You can see for yourself from the pictures below; there is little to no gold on the a-side of my copy (it’s little smatters around the edges) and the b-side has a decent chunk of “gold” around the center and that’s it. The gold is also not reflective, even when I hold it to the light as advised. It simply look likes someone took on dump on a record.

The record does not come with an insert. It also does not come with a download card and you’re not emailed one after purchasing the record either. While this record is somewhat on the cheap side, the fact that it’s just a record stuffed into a jacket makes the price worse. Especially considering it would’ve been cheaper had they pressed it as a 12″ instead of the more expensive 10″.



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