At The Drive-In – Rolodex Propaganda 7″

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Vinyl

At The Drive-In released a handful of 7″ vinyl singles off their classic album Relationship Of Command and this is one of them; the Rolodex Propaganda 7″. The 7″ features three songs; two album tracks off and an alternate version of “One Armed Scissor” from a BBC Radio session in 2000, a Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 1 Evening Session. So the song’s title becomes “One Armed Scissor (Lamacq version).” The other song featured on this single, aside from the title track, is “Extracurricular.” One unique thing about this 7″ is that each side is mastered at its own speed. Side A is a t 45 rpm while Side B is at 33 rpm.

Pressing info for this 7″ was never released and never will be at this point. Every copy was pressed on black vinyl however, and the single is a UK/Euro import released by Grand Royal. The Rolodex Propaganda 7″ is long OOP and can fetch up to $20 on the second hand market. The later At The Drive-In 7″s fluctuate in value depending on their relevancy. While the band is somewhat popular they have been broken up for years now. You’ll notice that when there is a re-press of any of their albums done their other vinyl releases go up in price, and when there is a lull in new vinyl releases, re-presses and variants included in that, the prices slowly decline. You’ll find the average price about $10 ppd.

At The Drive-In - Rolodex Propaganda - Copy

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