V/A – Bridge And Tunnel Soundtrack

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Vinyl
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Before anyone jumps down my throat for buying an Enjoy The Ride Records (ETR) release know that I didn’t buy this directly from ETR, I won it on ebay for $10 shipped over one year after it was released. This soundtrack, for the film Bridge And Tunnel, was pressed as a single LP limited to 500 total copies. It comes in a die-cut jacket with an insert, which slides into the jacket to add artwork to the cover through the die-cut portion. Neither a download code nor a CD copy of the soundtrack are included with the vinyl version. The vinyl version is the only physical release however, so a CD not being included is understandable.

There are 50 copies pressed on “label blowout” and 450 copies on clear. To be clear, all copies are on random colored vinyl, the label blowouts are just a clear base with random colors swirled in along with the center labels broken into fragments. The process to make a “label blowout” variant is pretty simple, the plant presses two records on top of each other and the lower label essentially explodes and gets broken up into the finished record as it’s pressed. For the 450 random colors variant, the colors I have seen are clear, red, green, brown and blue. There is some marbling in some copies, some came out as splatters and some as swirls.

The soundtrack features new and unreleased songs from Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche fame, John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run fame, Bayside, NGHBRS and Happy Body Slow Brain. I bought this soundtrack to keep my Vinnie Caruana, Movielife and I Am The Avalanche collections complete.

ETR pulled out all the gimmicky stops with trying to move this release, but he still has copies lying around he can’t seem to give away. First of all, you couldn’t buy one of the “label blowouts” on their own. They were randomly given out in orders, but if you ordered more than one copy hoping to up your chances of getting a “label blowout,” the guy who runs ETR may have given one to you if you asked him to. So that pretty much outs the “label blowout” variant as a sales ploy to get people to buy more copies of the release. The next couple gimmicks happened well after the record was released and ETR was still sitting on unsold copies. ETR had John Nolan sign 10 copies of the record, but only made eight available to the public. In the summer of 2015 ETR had former WWF/WWE wrestler Virgil, who appears in the film, to autograph 5 copies of the soundtrack and hand number them.

The oddest thing is the random sales ETR has on this soundtrack. When it first came out he charged $20 for it. Then when it didn’t sell out he lowered the price to $15 and advertised it to death on social media. Then when they still didn’t sell he bumped the price back up to $20. Fast forward a few months and he is again running a sale on this for 15% off the $20 original price tag, so on sale again for $15. Meanwhile his business partner at Looney Tunes record store/Brookvale Records has been trying to sell a copy on Discogs for $10 for months with no luck.



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