V/A – The Eagle Has Landed comp

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Vinyl
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Way back in 1998 At The Drive-In was featured on a compilation entitled The Eagle Has Landed. The double LP comp was released by now defunct Tranquility Base Records out of Pennsylvania. The song they contribute is “Salient,” which was only released on this comp. It’s an interestingly put together release. Instead of a traditional jacket or even a paper sleeve, the records come in a real, folded up map. And not just any map, a map from the US Geological Survey. Every copy of this comp comes with a different map of a random location. My copy is from is a small town in Georgia.

On top of that unique aspect the theme of the release carries over throughout, from the center labels to the backside of each of the four inserts included. Each side of the center labels have a different phase of the moon, and the inserts match up with the phase of the moon found on the corresponding center label. The four inserts are split into sides of the records, with one side having liner notes about the bands appearing on Side A, Side B and so on.

I don’t think pressing info was ever formally announced for this comp. After all, this was released back in the infancy of the internet and when people didn’t particularly care about rarity or buy records as collectibles to the extent they do now.


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