Brandon Flowers – The Desired Effect

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Vinyl
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Brandon Flowers second solo album, The Desired Effect was pressed on vinyl, receiving two variants. Initially the record was only available on black vinyl, which is likely unlimited (or at least enough pressed that nobody will care exactly how many copies there are on black). Then, about four months after the record first went up for pre-order and one month after it was actually released, a Barnes & Noble exclusive color, yes, Barnes & Noble, was “announced.” Though it didn’t get much press; no official announced on social media or official websites, someone linked to the Barnes & Noble item page for it website on a message board. The Barnes & Noble exclusive is on yellow vinyl. There is no official color name given on their website, just “colored vinyl.” However, the hype sticker on the cover says limited edition yellow vinyl. There is also an additional sticker on the cover the Barnes & Noble copies; a small white circle sticker that says “bet pop-cultured.”

The Barnes & Noble exclusive also cost more than a black copy. The price on it actually fluctuates from $22 up to $25 depending on whether or not they had it marked down for whatever reason. A copy on black vinyl cost around $16 on average. I got a copy for $12 shipped.

Pressing info has not been released, and never expect it to be either. Like I said above, this album will likely be kept in print for a long time on black vinyl. The Barnes & Noble exclusive is likely limited based on the fact that as of posting this it’s out of stock on their website, but again, they haven’t revealed the info and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone to contact who knows the answer let alone get them to actually respond. I actually took the time to e-mail Barnes & Noble’s customer service and got several different answers. A few times I got the typical “I don’t know” response but one time I was told 500 copies, another time I was told 1,000 copies, another time 2,000. I kept emailing customer service (copy and paste the same message) to see if I would actually get the same number as an answer to add some validity to any of the numbers I was given and I never did. I gave up after someone told me “it’s showing me that there are thousands in stock so you should hurry up and buy it.”

All copies come in a gatefold jacket and only some come with a download card. The Barnes & Noble exclusive is the only variant that comes with a download card, as is indicated on the hype sticker. Black copies makes no mention of a download code on the hype sticker. It’s the dumbest and lamest thing I have ever seen. Now it seems labels are starting to make download cards exclusive to certain variants, the more expensive ones to boot. This isn’t even the first record I’ve bought in the last two months that has this BS problem. The We Love Disney comp has the some download card exclusivity. Although I beat the system and simply emailed United Record Pressing, the plant that pressed the record and who hosts the downloads, saying my copy didn’t come with a download card and they emailed me a download code no questions asked.


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