Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Vinyl

Fall Out Boy’s latest album, American Beauty/American Psycho is hands down their worst album. But the completist in me felt compelled to buy the album on vinyl despite that. The price for this record is on the high side for four reasons; the band is popular, the album sold well (digitally and CD)/is popular, it’s a major label release and lastly, morons have proven they will be things released on vinyl regardless of how high the price is.

With that said the retail price for this record is close to $20, could be slightly more than that or slightly less than that depending on where you buy it, but you get the idea. I waited until well after a year from the album’s release to buy it, and I did so from Bull Moose using my Bull Moose points, so I got this for half off. Not only that, I waited to buy it from them on Cyber Monday this year, when they lowered their price for American Beauty/American Psycho to $15 from their regular $18 price. So I bought this for $7.50, a price I am happy with to keep my Fall Out Boy collection up to date and continue the progress to getting it completed.

There two variants for this record for the U.S. pressing, and two for the UK pressing. It’s a bit odd for both pressings though, as there may or may not be multiple pressings for each of them. The record originally came out in both the U.S. and UK on the same color, then a few months after it was released on vinyl two retailers (one in the U.S. and 1 in the UK) started selling exclusive colors. Since these variants came out after the record was on sale for a while, it could be a new pressing. But the record remained in print before and after on the original color. So it’s anybody’s guess if these two different retail exclusives are new pressings or simply a variant that was pressed during the initial run of records.

As just mentioned; the bulk of the U.S. pressing was done on one color; blue/clear/ice blue/. The hype sticker on the cover says “blue” and all promo descriptions of the item online say blue. But every copy is essentially clear with blue, and is obviously translucent (this fact becomes important later on if you keep reading). It’s somewhere between clear and coke bottle. Some copies even have blue streaks and swirls mixed in. My copy has the most of this blue streaks/swirls that I have seen. You can decide on what color you want to call this record judging on the pics attached to this entry, just know every copy looks the same if you take out the blue streaks/swirls in my copy.

In September 2015 Newbury Comics announced they would have an exclusive color of American Beauty/American Psycho limited to 1,000 copies. This exclusive color is blue, but it’s not to be confused with the blue of the widely available copies. The Newbury color is royal blue. As of posting this (December 2015) the Newbury exclusive is still available. So it seems Newbury missed the boat for their typical price gouging on unnecessary re-presses/exclusive colors. The Newbury Comics exclusive cost $19.99, a run of the mill price for this record, which I admit is a bit unusual for Newbury but not expected trying to cash in on with a new color variant.

The widely available UK pressing is the same color as the U.S. pressing. The exclusive color was available from HMV, a entertainment retailer similar to FYE in the U.S. The HMV exclusive was a Father’s Day exclusive release only available in physical stores on Father’s Day in 2015. It was supposedly limited to 500 copies but the information was never officially released by any reputable entity, only copy and pasted on a messaged board from some email solicitation. Based on pictures of the variant the HMC posted on social media, their exclusive color appears to be the same color as the widely available U.S. and UK pressing, but is opaque instead of translucent.

Now down to the nitty gritty of this release. It comes in a gatefold jacket, which is pretty pointless all things considered. But it’s nice to have considering they would have charged just as much had it come in a traditional single pocket jacket. The gatefold artwork is a close up photo of a glacier. The jacket has a matte finish as well. An insert is included, which has the lyrics printed on one side and an alternate cover photo on the reverse side. A download code nor a CD copy are included, which in this day and age is completely unacceptable.

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