The Money Pit – The Money Pit

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Vinyl
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The Money Pit is the latest project from former Gatsbys American Dream members Nic Newsham and Bobby Darling. If you like Gatsbys, especially their final album, then you’ll enjoy The Money Pit’s music. In 2015 they released their debut self-titled album. The band put the album up for pre-order in August 2015 and the physical release saw a few delays that had its release date pushed back to November/December 2015, and then again (without notice from the band) to early January 206.

The Money Pit was pressed on two colors totaling out to 500 copies. There are 150 copies on splatter, which is clear with green splatter, and 350 copies on 180 gram black vinyl. That pressing info is straight from the band after contacting them via their Bandcamp page. A download code is not included (not counting Amazon rip) with the record if you buy this anywhere other than directly from the band. Included with all copies is a full size booklet that has lyrics and an interview with both band members. To be honest the booklet is a nice touch, but a simple insert would’ve been more appropriate. The six-page booklet is not necessary as only two of those pages actually have anything of substance on it. The other four pages are a waste of paper as they only have one or two words printed on them. There for, overall cost of this release could have been cut down dramatically, which is/was a big issue with this release.

When the album was initially up for pre-order the band was charging ridiculous prices for it. There was a splatter variant that was only available in a $50 bundle that included a t-shirt and a digital download. Considering the price of the bundle and the fact they were selling the shirt outside of the bundle for $17, the splatter variant cost $33. The band also had a black variant up for pre-order as well, but were charging $30 for it. Considering the price tag for this, a single LP, many people balked at it, including myself. After the initial pre-order period the band changed their pricing scheme, actually raising prices on the splatter variant to $35. They lowered the price of the black to $25.

Fast forward to right before Christmas 2015 and out of the blue Amazon had copies up for pre-order with a release date in early January 2016. Amazon was charging $19 for the splatter variant, which was the only color they were selling. However, as I did more searches from various distros and record stores, some were selling the black variant for even less. I bought a copy of the black variant for $11 after using an awesome coupon code from a distro. A ridiculous deal, but to be fair the record cost $14 before I used the coupon, but that is still a great deal considering what the band was ripping people for.


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