Third Eye Blind – Dopamine

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Vinyl

Remember when Third Eye Blind released their discography vinyl box set a few years ago and they said they were leaving a placeholder in it for their fifth studio album? Well that time has finally come as their fifth album, entitled Dopamine, was released on vinyl in November 2015. Dopamine continues down the trail Ursa Major blazed, and for me it’s a tossup as to which one is better. I’m leaning more towards Dopamine at the moment because I’ve been listening to the album practically on repeat ever since I bought it about a month ago.

The vinyl version of Dopamine comes with a bonus 7″ featuring an exclusive song on the b-side. Both records in the package comes pressed on white vinyl, with the LP on 180 gram vinyl. Everything is housed in a gatefold jacket, which has both pockets open even though it’s single LP release. If there is one knock on the packaging it’s that there is no place or holder for the 7″, it’s just slid into the front pocket of the LP’s gatefold jacket. The 7″comes in its own printed, glossy paper sleeve, though there is no artwork on it, just the title of each track printed on the respective side. It’s not a lot, but it’s better than just coming in a white paper dust sleeve. The LP comes in a photo dust sleeve. It’s not full color, it’s black and white photos of the band in various states; performing along with backstage, candid and promo/press shots. The track listing is also printed on one side of the sleeve.

No word on pressing info, and don’t expect it to ever be released. I doubt this record is limited, and if the first batch of records had pressed sells out or goes OOP, I expect they will do a second pressing, likely on a new color to try to squeeze more cash out of fans and collectors. At first people speculated that the white vinyl would be exclusive to the band’s pre-order and/or web store and that the bonus 7″ would be in the same boat, but it turned out the record was only pressed on white vinyl and all copies come with the bonus 7″. Prices range on this, but only in the aspect that if you buy this directly from the band via their webstore you will pay more for it than if you buy it anywhere else. Retail price on this is $18, but the band’s store is charging $24 for it before shipping.

One somewhat nice thing the band did was allow people who bought one of the vinyl discography box sets first chance at pre-ordering Dopamine on vinyl. Nice gesture even though they were charging more for it than you could buy it anywhere else, and it also turned out to be completely pointless to pre-order Dopamine because it’s not limited at all nor is there any exclusive from buying it in the band’s web store. The band sent out e-mails to everyone who bought a box set with an exclusive link to pre-order the new album almost a week ahead of the general public.


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